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Subject:MathPrice:4.87 Bought7 is an internet trading company. The company is worried about the continual market slide; it seems to have resulted in a significant decline in both the total number of trades executes and the number of customers who actively trade on

A sizeable proportion of customers seem to be day-traders (i.e., speculators in volatile stocks that close their positions at the end of every trading day). estimates that at the end of the day, the return on $1 invested in day-trading is normally distributed.’s trading records suggest that, on average, $1 invested in day-trading is worth only 95 cents at the end of the day (i.e., day- traders lose money as a group even though there might be some individual day-traders who make a fortune). The records also suggest a 45% chance that a $1 day-trading investment will turn out profitable at the end of the day. Using’s records and estimates, find the standard deviation of the return at the end of the day on $1 invested in day-trading. 

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