4 Ways to Fund Your Postgraduate Degree
  • May 2022
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4 Ways to Fund Your Postgraduate Degree

2nd May 2022

Once you have been offered a place on your chosen postgraduate degree, you can rest assured that you are due to embark on a challenging, exciting, and intensely rewarding program which will serve to greatly benefit not only your professional career, but your personal life as well.

However, naturally, one of the biggest reasons why individual undergraduates are reluctant to even explore the numerous possibilities postgraduate study provides, is the worry, stress and negativity surrounding how they will fund their higher education degree.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn of four different ways to fund your postgraduate degree.
1. Apply for a Scholarship

For renowned and prestigious academic institutions, the investment in a particular student’s future is a priority and this is why there are several incredibly generous and impressive financial aid for graduate school for teachers options available which fundamentally make the difference between being able to study at master’s level or not.

Individual requirements for the application to a full or partial scholarship for a postgraduate degree program vary from institution to institution, so it is important to contact your chosen school in plenty of time before the application deadline to discuss their scholarship requirements. 

2. Company Sponsored Funding

Another viable way in which to afford your place on an online or indeed in-person postgraduate degree program is using the company sponsored method.

Obviously, this is wholly dependent on both the type of postgraduate degree you are intending on embarking upon, as well as the company and industry in which you specialize in, and typically, the companies that work with science and technology tend to be more open to the possibility of company sponsored funding. 

3. Taking a Year Out Before Study

Obviously, this third method of funding your postgraduate degree will not be a revelation on its own, as working hard and saving your hard-earned money to be able to afford your master’s is one of the simplest funding methods of them all.

However, perhaps you may not have considered the possibility of taking one or more years out between the completion of your undergraduate degree and the commencement of your postgraduate program. This way, you can combine gaining valuable practical experience in the field in which you want to base your career and simultaneously provide the opportunity to save enough money to pay for your own postgraduate program. 

4. Crowdfunding

An entirely more innovative, and certainly more modern idea when considering the best funding option for you, is to look into crowdfunding

There is a wide plethora of different websites that are specifically designed to assist those potential postgraduate students who are looking to fund their online or in-person program in this way, including, but not limited to, the following:
•    Kickstarter
•    Indiegogo
•    JustGiving
•    GoFundMe
•    Hubbub

As with any activity that centers on the use of the internet, there are both advantages and disadvantages to using crowdfunding as a way of funding your postgraduate studies and it is important to fully research both sides of the proverbial coin before making your decision.



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