Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

You do not need to login at our platform. Simply go to “Ask a Question” page to fill in the question details and post it on our website. We will email you the price and suitable deadline for the work. You make the agreed upon payment and we start working on it. After the work is completed, we will send you email.

How much does it cost?

The price for each assignment is different and not fixed as nature of an assignment might consume higher amount of time to complete it. When you ask us your question, you can place a suitable price as per your idea or you can fill the field with 0.

How to fill Ask a Question page?

No worries, just fill whatever you know and fill the rest by placing a zero or 0. We will discuss all such details through email with you.

Is my payment secure?

All payments are processed through PayPal, the most trusted payment gateway globally. For more details on payments, please visit “Pay Here” tab.

Is there any guarantee of grades?

We would be lying if we said that we would get you full 100% marks. However data indicates that more than 95% of our students receive more than 95% marks.

Can you help me on online quiz?

Yes we do. Simply fill the form with as many as details as you can. We will discuss on email and provide you a suitable time frame to start the exam, pricing, help provided etc.

Do you offer discounts if I can't afford?

Yes we do offer discounts for people who can’t afford our services. Please contact us for the same. If you refer other customers to us, we will apply 10% discounts to you as well as the new customer.

Can I get works revised as per feedback?

We will revise the answer you have been provided as long as the original instructions are kept intact. For example, you received an answer for question “who killed Jeremy?” and then later you ask “why was he killed? So these are considered separate questions for which free revision will not be made.

Revisions cost how much and how many times can I ask for?

All revisions are free of cost and can be asked for unlimited number of times.

What's the benefit of referring other students?

There are many benefits. For first, they would receive genuine help like you received. Secondly If you refer other students to us, you both will be provided 10% additional discounts in your studies. Lastly, we also pay commissions for such referrals.

What if I received low marks?

We take great care in providing you the best study help possible however in rarest of cases, if you receive low marks, we would obviously refund you. The refund details can be found on the “Refund Policy” page.

Is my information kept private?

This is the primary reason, we do not require you to login. All your information is kept private and never shared with anyone.

What is you refund criteria?

In rarest of cases, when you receive less than 60% marks, we would process full refunds. When you receive 60% to 70% marks, we would process 40% refunds.