4 Ways to Grow & Expand Your Knowledge & Expertise as a Teacher
  • May 2022
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4 Ways to Grow & Expand Your Knowledge & Expertise as a Teacher

2nd May 2022

A career as a professionally qualified teacher is one that provides immense satisfaction in one’s daily working life, in large part due to the constant exposure and interaction with people from all walks of life.

From the students themselves, to peers and other teaching colleagues, as well as other educational professionals, teaching is an incredibly sociable job which requires incredibly advanced communicative skills. If you are looking for ways to hone your various skillsets and advance your knowledge and expertise as a professional teacher, then you have come to the right place. 

1. Invest In Education Leadership

To be an effective teaching professional who not only garners respect and admiration from the individuals they teach, but also their colleagues and other educational professionals, natural born leadership skills are part and parcel of a required and almost mandatory professional skillset.

One of the most impressive and effective ways to advance and hone your expertise and knowledge as a fully qualified teacher is to embark upon a teacher leadership certificate from an accredited, reputable and prestigious national academic institution. 

2. Periodically Self Evaluate

Self-evaluation with a view to improvement is one of the most effective means of bettering oneself, both in a professional context and a personal one. 

When it comes to wanting to improve, grow and expand your skillset, knowledge and expertise as a working teacher, there can be no better tool, and the following tips and techniques will help you to conduct a professional teaching self-evaluation:
•    Analyse how you structure your lessons
•    Increase how much you tend to adapt learning techniques to suit individuals
•    Start to review your lesson plans after the fact to find areas of improvement
•    Update and modernize your various teaching aids
•    Practice new ways of engaging both individuals and the class as a whole
•    Work to improve your communication skills
•    Improve your record keeping

3. Constantly Strive to Improve Your Communication Skills

As you will no doubt already be fully aware, the successful conveyance and fundamental teaching style of an individual teacher relies on effective and impressive communication and is based on trust and respect from each and every one of your pupils. 

Communication is at the essence and the fundamental core of actively contributing to the education of both one individual child as well as many children simultaneously. Working to improve how you communicate and learning different ways of doing so depending on the individual will stand you in incredibly good stead. 

4. Learn the Value of Interjection Over Interference

Obviously, one of the basic and unfortunately unlikely to change elements of teaching, especially when it comes to teaching children, is that rarely, especially in state-run schools, are you afforded the opportunity to spend valuable time with each individual student on a one-to-one basis. 

It is for this reason that, when you want to improve your strengths and skills as a teacher, anticipating challenges ahead of time will make for a more effective overall result. Furthermore, you should over time begin to learn the difference between actively interfering and subsequently stifling a particular child’s pathway of learning and anticipating and interjecting when you can see a child struggling in one way or the other. 



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