7 study habits of successful students
  • Sep 2021
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7 study habits of successful students

6th September 2021

What is a successful student? First of all it is a student who achieves his or her goals. It is important to understand what goals you have as a student and work on them. We face social pressure every day, and staying true to your own goals is critical. Second, a successful student is a student who enjoys the process of studying at least from time to time.


Receiving college or university education is no longer 100% necessary for building a successful business or even a formal career, so if you choose to have a college degree, you should not suffer all the way through the educational process. Third, a successful student doesn’t miss deadlines and receives high enough grades for his or her papers. It is a universal indicator of success in high school and college, so we cannot skip that.


In this article we want to talk about study habits of successful students. We all have good and bad days, but when you acquire necessary habits, your studying becomes way easier and more successful. So, here is the list of habits you may be interested in:

Making the first step immediately

Don’t put aside the task you’ve just received — plan for the next few steps and make the first one. Find some sources, write several abstracts for the essay, read a few pages in your textbook and note down some ideas. Once you do the first step, and plan for the next one, it will be much easier to return to this assignment and proceed with it. It is one the best habits to beat procrastination — a problem of many students around the globe. We recommend spending at least 15 minutes on the first step. It will be enough to do something that matters, but it also won’t bore you too much. 

Planning realistically

We all sometimes tend to think that tomorrow some other person will be born in our house instead of us. That new person, looking exactly like us today, will be a much more organized student, he or she will have a strong willpower, write everything on time, study vigorously and be interested in all the disciplines. It will never happen.


That is why you need to plan your studies realistically — if you feel like it will take 3 hours to write something, plan for five. It is better to have extra hours later than miss the deadline or be stressed about it and compromise on quality.


Not waiting for inspiration

Inspiration is not a real thing. There is a feeling of flow that sometimes comes to all of us, but you cannot sit and wait for it if you want to be a successful student. Why? Because if you plan for something you cannot control, you will end up with missed deadlines, bad marks and failed courses. We offer to exchange inspiration for something more efficient — inspiring rituals.


Take control over your studying mood. A cup of coffee with several favorite songs (no web browsing!), meditation, 15-min workout, shower, freewriting — it all depends on your personality. Another good option in terms of rituals — working in predefined periods. 


With COVID-19 pandemic on, networking as a habit may sound like a bit of a stretch. Why is it still important and what is the most efficient way to pursue it? First of all, there are study groups online and offline you can join. They help both with educational materials and periods of procrastination. Second, there are conferences for students of particular disciplines. Attending those broadens your horizons, helps with writing better papers and also allows you to build necessary connections. Being a college student you need to think about your future, and connections are crucial for that.

Adding to a personal library of sources

Is it the first time you hear about the personal list of sources? Well, your life is about to get better. The easiest way to do it is to have a list in Google Sheets with separate sub-lists for each discipline you study. When you read some source that may be valuable for some essay in this discipline, make a note or add the link. It takes seconds, but when you actually need to write a paper, you will have hours of research. You can also sign for relevant newsletters and pick links from there.

Asking for help when necessary

Delegating some of your assignments is a smart choice. First, you get more time for tasks you find more important. Second, you get an opportunity to learn from the best and the brightest. Third, you never miss the deadline even if you are swamped with assignments.


Choose a professional writing service, such as WriteMyPaperHub, place an order, share all the instructions to your assignment, pay someone for writing your essays and just wait for a quality paper written by experts. When writing gets too boring and tiring, hire a professional to do it for you online. 

Studying with the end in mind

Always remember about your final goal. Is it a diploma? Is it becoming better at something? Is it gaining useful connections? There are so many goals, and you need to prioritize them. The priorities may change, and you should change accordingly. When you need to write a boring or challenging assignment, think about the final goal you are dedicated enough to achieve, and it will serve as the best motivation. 


Study tips are like all other tips you may find online — if you follow them, they work, if you just read about them, they don’t. If you want to be more fit, you need to work out and eat better. If you only read about fitness and salads, it won’t do you any good. It works exactly the same when it comes to college study tips.



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