An article on how to write an academic essay: a reference all you need.
  • Sep 2021
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An article on how to write an academic essay: a reference all you need.

19th September 2021


Sitting to write an essay is always a challenging task for most of us. No matter how much we try to break the odds, it becomes difficult to manage everything while writing an essay. 

However, writing has been a fun-loaded activity for many of us, and we all wish to write like a maverick. What pulls us back is our complex understanding of writing.

Writing an essay is always a creative activity, and when it comes to academic writing, the magnitude of creativity increases fourfold. 

Today in this article, we will discuss academic essays, what to include in them, and how to write a creative academic essay like a champ. 


What to begin with?

As they used to say, the majority of things are covered up when the beginning is powerful. A good beginning gives a high level of optimism to the writer as well as to the essay. 

However, a question hits everyone. How is one supposed to begin an essay? 

The answer is simplicity. As liquid and straightforward the information is, the more understandable, it becomes. 

So the beginning should be simple, honest, and straight. Well, in academic essays, there is the usage of complex meanings or connotations to avoid complications. 

The second quality is informative. If the beginning of an essay starts with straight information, rather than beating around the bush, then the chances are high that the writing will be praised. 

When it is informative, the essay is solely based on information and facts because let us face it. Well, informative content is preferable to an article that has redundancies. 

Furthermore, the beginning should have an aim. When it is said about aim, it is expected that the essay intends to either clarify or ventilate an issue. 

An essay should have a vital purpose without which the essay is subjected to scrutiny. 


Steps to writing an academic essay:

Academic essays are no different from other essays. However, there are some other requirements to write them up. 

They are:

Extensive Research:

Research is the key to an academic essay. An academic essay requires much research before the commencement of the writing process. Research is a time taking, complex process and plays a significant role in content writing. 

Research paper writing is similar to academic writing, but the former usage is restricted for research purposes only. 

Research should not only be conventional. Try researching a variety of sources so that the extensive nature of the writing process is maintained. 

Academic writers focus on research more as they articulate information only. Academic writers spend the majority of their time collecting this information only to put information into their essays. 

Jotting down the information:

After collecting the information:

  1. Try jotting them down on a piece of paper.

  2. Try not to be very skeptical about it.

  3. Just jot down those points that have the highest value in the whole collection. 

Now while jotting down, one may feel every piece of information is as important as the other. However, to make things more transparent, try to add the information that provides all other information inclusively. 

An excellent example to illustrate it would be note-making. Note-making is an art in itself. Cutting down unnecessary information and putting up the most important ones is the key to it. 

To break it down further, it is to understand that in a paragraph of 100 words, 30 words should be brought up that covers the whole paragraph. It is similar to homework, and to help with homework, one needs to do it as directed. 

Likewise, condensed information from various sources and paperwork makes writing more accessible and convenient. 

It is also essential to notice that the total time that is to be given to writing should be more than 65% of the time. So, to give much time to jotting the points in a rough paper hardly makes much sense. 

While you jot down, remember that this information would be the base of the actual essay. So, try to have patience during research and jotting. 


Making a layout and building a blueprint:

Why did we include two processes under one step? 

The simple reason is that both of these processes are inclusive of each other or dependent on each other. A layout would be meaningless without a blueprint, and the same goes for the blueprint. What is the use of the blueprint if the research paper writing is done without a layout? 

So, since the interdependence of both these processes cannot be neglected, they are included in a single step. 

The layout is essential because a format in a formal essay determines many things. It has many positive connotations. The layout provides you an idea of what to include in which place. 

Blueprint is another step that intends to highlight the whole idea of the essay. Though it is similar to the essay, it also does the work of planning the essay. 


Initiating the writing process:

All of these functions mentioned above were performed only to make your writing process convenient. So, the ultimate goal is to write content that is well versed with the readers. 

When you write, try to use as many active statements as you can. Try writing it in an impersonal tone, avoiding the usage of personal abbreviations. Make sure that you do not focus on repeating the same argument over and over again. 

Maintain a chart in a rough paper to see how many points you have mentioned. This would guide you to mark where you are doing it wrong and rectify it. 

Make sure that you do not exceed the word limit or persuade the reader with personal claims. The transparency of the subject should be maintained from the first to the last of the essay. 

Try to make it as straight as you can. Do not try to make the objective complex. The thesis statement must say all about the topic. 

The topic statement must be directly related to the context. It should be assertive and must not try to depict other forms of piracy of information. 



While you are into Editing, make sure you follow three things first.

To begin with, focus on grammar and punctuation. These are the most important things that matter to the readers. The readers should find no grammatical errors while giving it a read. 

Punctuation is another part where things get twisted. Insufficient punctuation creates worse experiences. Try to look for shorter statements and avoid using complex analogies. 

In addition, check for plagiarism. Since the information mentioned in the paper is no different from the information on the online platforms. So, it is always a wise step to check for plagiarism. 

If the essay is free from plagiarism, the essay is free from any case of infringement. 

Furthermore, search for synonyms. The reason behind finding synonyms is that the concepts are quite the same in the whole essay. So, finding words similar to the original words that would replace and fit in exceptionally should be preferred. 

When you search for synonyms, do not do the stuff in a flowery language only. Some levels of repetition of words are well acknowledged. Moreover, try not to put phrases or idioms into the statements because this ruins the formality of the essay. 

When the essay has all of this, it is then ready for getting published. However, it would be better if you conducted a literature review. 



After writing all of this, try to have a good review. A substantial literature review tells you the quality of input you have given to the paper. To get help with homework, use scholars and people who are voracious readers. 

There are two implications. First, the quality of the content could be known, but that. Second, the readability of the essay would also be known to you. 

This would provide you with the quality of content you produce and make you know your faults. This provides you the chance to get better at it. 

Also, the review you receive from various readers, try to contemplate them. Make sure that you include those voids properly the next time you sit to write. 

Apart from all these processes, you should also get a self-evaluation of the piece you produced. 



To conclude, academic essays are the most philosophical essays among all of their counterparts. It is filled with factuality. It is unmoved by the criticism it gets. It is diligent, pragmatic, and transparent. 

For anyone who is a beginner at writing and seeks to write a genuine essay, they need to follow the steps that have been mentioned above. It is also conclusive that the level of authenticity in academic essays is at its peak.



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