Has content writing lost its charm, especially after the introduction of digital content?
  • Nov 2021
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Has content writing lost its charm, especially after the introduction of digital content?

10th November 2021


Content writing, as a job, is quite popular among various institutions. Writing has become a compulsory part and the level of success it provides is immense.

In recent years,  writing letters has been superseded by other forms of communication. Technology has advanced so rapidly that it is now expected to talk to people immediately and get a response almost immediately. 


  • It is not only about writing:

Instead of putting a pen on paper,  most of us send texts and emails, and within seconds it feels much more natural to type a message quickly. 

 Of course,  these modern modes of communication also have advantages. 

We live in a fast-paced world and it's important to catch up. We can chat with people all over the world in seconds! You can edit it before sending the email, but if you make a mistake in the letter, you will have to strike through or start over. 


  • What is the loss?

But have we ever thought about what we are losing? I forgot how to write the letter, so I think I missed it. Huge. 

 No one says he doesn't like receiving letters by email. It can be very special to know that someone has taken the time to write a handwritten letter for you. 

Great guest posts are the special posts that let you know more about content marketing and related kinds of stuff. 

It doesn't have to be full of important messages. Most of the texts and emails to friends just chat about the usual things, but it feels much more personal to just receive a letter from someone than to receive the hundreds of texts you receive each week. 

And only the person who receives the letter will benefit from the nice envelope that arrives through the door. I think that writing a letter is also useful for writers. Writing a letter to a friend can be as curative as keeping a diary. 


  • The question of trust and contentment:

And when we know we're doing something that makes our friends so happy, we're happy with ourselves! And remember that without letters written between different people in history, we couldn't know about half of their lives. 

When you're reading a letter, whether it's a personal letter from a friend or a published letter from a historically significant person, it's like his own words popping out of the page. is.


  • Content writing is way might than what it is thought of to be:

To be honest, creating content is a skill, and you can build a brilliant career around that skill. But I don't want you to limit yourself to words like "career" and "work." 

The beauty of this ability is that it can be developed and used regardless of location, gender, age, or stage of life. You need to take this great opportunity to see how to get the most out of it. 

 Of course, you can also get a job as a content writer. 

Guest post services let you know more about blogging and its aspects. 


  • The question of stability:

Let's face it. "Work" brings stability and notoriety. What many of you need. But the best thing is that even if you have a job, you can use this skill to get out and maximize your milking. 

So, for my argument, let's call it a "gig" instead of calling it a "work". A "gig" can easily be understood as a fixed-term employment contract. 


  • Work is the keyword:

In general, content creation gigs help you work with multiple companies on multiple projects at the same time. So you don't have to look for "work", but you do have to look for some "gigs", or freelance opportunities. 

As soon as you switch frames, the possibilities are endless, not just in India but around the world. A $ 1 trillion chance. 

According to Upwork, the leading freelance platform, freelance in the United States had an impact of $ 1 trillion in 2019. This represents 5% of total GDP. 

Of course, it's simple to believe that this is all about creating content. But it's a good picture of where the gig economy and freelance work are heading. 


  • Freelancers have a better grudge:

Companies find it more efficient to work with freelancers than full-time employees, so I think we're heading into a world where freelancers are becoming more commonplace. 

This shift is occurring because the cost of processing certain requirements by external providers is becoming more transparent and cost-effective for enterprises. 

With platforms like Upwork built for Internet adoption, global payment solutions, reliability, and transparency, companies work with external vendors rather than having someone in the field to avoid overhead. I like that. Creating content is a perfect fit for this environment. 


  • Try new stuff:

For most companies, the content is very ad hoc and the number of requests is usually unpredictable. To overcome this, companies in India and around the world are constantly in need of freelance content writers.

New stuff should always be based on your consent and creativity and should not be influenced by any other person. 

Before you can make money, you must first build trust. This is the stage where most people give up. Because it is the stage of doing something without monetary feedback. But it is important to do this.  


  • It's fine to be a novice:

As a new content creator for block, no one will believe you. You should start working on the factors that will help build that trust. One way is to create a portfolio. A portfolio is a showcase of your abilities. 

We all are beginners, and we are learning from our mistakes. It is always advisable to focus on those mistakes, create a scope of improvement and then improve to the best of our abilities. 

Now that you have selected the industry, come up with various content ideas and create content that fits the industry. Write blog posts and write small ebooks. How about a case study? Or some official documentation. 

A good portfolio provides a great foundation for growth. But that alone doesn't help. We need social proof. 


  •  Content Service Social Proof:

Start Creating We are all social beings. When we take risks, we always see what others are doing. 

Read reviews on Amazon before you buy, watch the number of streams on Spotify before hitting the play button, and watch trends on Netflix. All are examples of social evidence of how others have reacted in similar situations. 

As a content writer, you can use it to create your social proof. Quora is a great place to do this. With Quora, you can not only improve your content creation skills but also leverage the necessary social proof and show how people not only consume your content but also interact with it. Guest posts focus more on letting you know more about content writing and related stuff. 

As well as Quora could attract more concerts in the future. My friend was able to write a lot only through Quora just because he was the most viewed writer. 

 Again, having a niche can help you position yourself as a subject matter expert. 


  •  Build Blog Authority:

  Authority is the best indicator of trust. 

Creating a sense of authority, a certain ability can not only attract more customers but also attract customers at a much higher cost. And an easy way to do this is to create a blog. 

You will use your blog here as a tool to demonstrate your abilities and authority. Starting a blog is very easy and many resources on the internet show you how to start a blog. 


  • Create a Presentation: 

 Freelance Presentations for Content Creation we've heard over and over and almost everything is terrible. 

Great presentation - simple, clear, accurate, and well presented. 

Writing content takes a lot of effort, charm, and perseverance. One who has never written content and is struggling in the creative sphere, or must know that it is a learnable and easy skill. 

The best part about it is that it is not a very tough task, rather it requires a lot of practice. 

Digital content has its fan base, but content writing won't lose its charms for that. It has substantially gained a lot of audiences and is potentially a good way to earn a lot of money as well. 



In the present scenario, it is quite evident that content writing has acquired a generous amount of viewers. It is also a good way to earn money, make a good career and live a happy life. 

The only problem that may haunt a writer, is to be consistently creative all the time. It is quite difficult, as it requires a lot of practice. Focussing on deadlines is also a great drawback in content writing. 

However, content writing will not lose its charm at least for this decade. It would require a lot of perseverance and dedication to become a good writer, but digital content cannot overtake physical content.



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