How to Scale a Blog without Paid Ads
  • Oct 2021
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How to Scale a Blog without Paid Ads

6th October 2021

Nowadays, blogs are the best possible way to connect to a wide number of audiences through a blog. Creative writing is the finest way of expressing oneself to the fullest. 

And when it comes to blogs, they are the most casual way of expressing one’s opinions and certain facts, and that too in a light-hearted manner. And the icing on the cake is when your blog becomes so famous that people wait for your next article to be published. 

People mostly prefer advertisements to get publicity for their blog and monetize it. In doing this they forget that there are several more strategies that can be referred to in case we want grand publicity for our blog. 

How do certain great guest posts earn themselves the tag? That is mostly for the use of these strategies besides the use of ads. Once a person invests in the ads, he then forgets about this, and the ad keeps on gaining popularity. 

Certain beginners think that this is the only possible way to earn money from their blogs. But there are certainly other ways that you can monetize your blogs successfully and earn the desired popularity. The following are the ways that one can earn money without using ads for social media marketing:

  1. A very popular opportunity to earn money from your blogs is to become an in-demand freelance blogger. The service is almost the same as offering guest posts for certain sites. If one offers paid guest posts, one earns traffic for their site. Similarly working for different brands, as a freelancer, can earn one money. Also, there are several brands that look for these freelance writers who can help them promote their brands. Certain B2B and B2C companies consider content as the main means of marketing and attracting leads. In fact, these companies spend a lot on content marketing. Therefore, bloggers must make themselves efficient in these techniques so as to earn themselves enough profit through their blogs. 

  2. For instance, if your blog receives a very less audience a day, then you must find out what kind of audience it is, as in the age group, their cultural background, and then most importantly their likes. After doing this you must focus your attention on writing the content that excites such an audience. Understanding the audience’s needs will earn a greater audience as well as excitement in the audience for your next blog. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the needs of the audience and then create your blog accordingly.

  3. One can also create certain online courses based upon the audience’s needs mentioned above. These online courses can be based on customized topics. There are chances that your course may not be that successful, but one may always improve. 

  4. The most important technique to ace your blogs is through keywords. After selecting your target audience, you must find out what exactly does this audience searches for in the search engines. Once you get a knowledge of what the audience searches for, you will be able to customize your content accordingly. If you miss out on these keywords, your content may not necessarily be up to the mark and in line with the website traffic. The best keywords for your topic are the ones with high popularity. These keywords must also be closely related to the industry you are writing for. Also, one can pick up a topic from user comments. Users very explicitly put in their demands, while they give reviews for an article or add their comments. The writers can pick up hints from these comments. And this technique works both for search engines as well as blog visitors. 

  5. Another important aspect of getting a greater audience for your blog is focusing on the structure of your blog. Your blog should be clear and must have a search utility. This will facilitate easy navigation through your website. Also, you may use certain reference links in your blog so that the time a user spends on your blog, increases. Your structure should follow a proper pattern for introduction, main body, and conclusion. In the introduction, you must give an introduction to the problem. Then introduce the main subject of your article followed by the elaboration of the subject. When you move towards the end of the article, make sure you summarize your article and reiterate the important points. 

  6. Another way to get popularity for your blog without using ads is through the use of creative and hooking headlines. These headlines may be controversial or intriguing. Articles that strike the audience are bound to get more clicks and maybe more shares and thus earning huge traffic for the blog.  

  7. Next, try speeding up your blog so that the web page loads fast. One can use several sites to check the speed of their blogs. These sites also help you optimize your page in order to increase speed. There may be certain factors in your blog that may increase the load time of your page for example certain images may take time to load.

  8. The most important technique to increase traffic for your blog is to analyze certain factors. You must know the behavior of the people who visit your site. Google Analytics is a platform that can be effectively used for tracking the activity of the users. Depending on the results that you get from the analysis, you may manage your marketing strategy, the method of publication, the content creation part, frequency, etc. 

  9. Next, an important method would be collaborating with the influencers. It becomes very important to network and connects with influencers so that you can establish yourself as a personality in the industry. Once you connect with certain influencers, more and more people would come to know about you. And thus, there can be more and more people driven to your blog. For this, you can invite certain bloggers for interviews, that you will present in your blog. Build such connections that give you more and more visibility. Then later you can move on to build your own brand and get success for it. Also, if your content is unique and highly rated, you will again get more and more audience for your work. 

  10. You might have seen that once you subscribe to a blog, you start getting emails regarding the new publications of that blog. That is what happens when these blog creators create email newsletters for their work. These newsletters serve the purpose of notifying the readers of the new or previous posts on these blogs. The reason behind this is that people return to your blog and thus increase the traffic. These newsletters can also be used for the purpose of monetizing the blog. For this purpose, several blog sites ask readers to subscribe to their blogs for new articles.

  11. The one ultimate way out to work with blog monetizing is increasing your social media following. Social media marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that is being used today. This is something that requires less money and more or marketing. Increase your following, increase your followers and try to make your page visible on several social media sites. 

  12. Just like great guest posts earn themselves the adjective, similarly, blogs can also become great when one becomes a guest blogger and promotes traffic to his or her blog by writing for different industries and sites. 

  13. Along with using social media marketing methods, one can also use push notifications to get more and more traffic to your blog. These notifications educate users about your blog and try to get more and more traffic for it. They also provide users with fresh news for the blog. 

Therefore, one can follow the above-mentioned strategies in order to gather more and more traffic for their blogs and that too without the use of ads.



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