How to write an essay?
  • Sep 2021
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How to write an essay?

22nd September 2021


Writing essays has been a very common task we all are associated with. Essay writing is fundamental to mid-school, high school, college, and university students. 

In today's article, we are going to throw light on how to write an essay, what are its parts, and what we should take care of while writing one and when to decide that our essay is completely ready. 


How to write an essay?

To write an essay, there are some cardinal requirements before commencing the writing process. 

They are as follows:

  • Being decisive about the topic:

Deciding on what to write and what not to write is a big deal in itself. Deciding on what to write an essay is a time taking task. 

The only thing that takes time here is to know what kind of essay we should write. Well, to be very honest, every kind of essay is different in itself. 

So, there are many types of essays like expository essays, descriptive essays, argumentative essays, etc. 

So, knowing about the topic is the first rule and knowing about the genre under which the topic falls is the second most important point. Following are the ways to know that more precisely. 

  1. If the essay that is to be written has to be explained in the form of a story or has a similar structure to that of a story, then the essay is a Narrative essay. 

  2. If the essay tries to convince the reader by any means using a particular point or a perspective, then the essay is a Persuasive essay. 

  3. When the essay is written either only to inform the reader or explain a certain process, then the essay is said to be expository. 

  4. hen the essay is a descriptive essay, the focus of the essay is on the details of a particular issue. Essays that are based on a particular issue are descriptive. 

  5. When an essay focuses on a specific argument or tries to argue to one's point of view, then the essay is said to be argumentative. 


These are a category of essays that would help you detect the type of essay. This would help you decide on which topic you would prefer writing. 

  • Ample research work:

The best essay writing tips include one key rule to them. But here comes the question. What do you mean by the term "research"? 

Is it the same thing we encounter in films where people in the laboratory experiment all day? 

No! Research for an essay is quite easy and you don't need to supplement a lot for that. All you need is to have a pen, paper, and some internet with you for reference. 

What are the sources to search for an essay topic? 

  1. Books: No matter how much books sound complex and terrible to you, they are the ultimate source of information. Books collectively have a lot of information that could complement your writing. 

  2. Journals: Well, journals are the formal sources that have much meaningful information. If you get the journal on the topic you are searching for, what could be more fortunate than that? 

  3. Press Release: Press release on a particular issue which is nationwide or a global phenomenon, helps you providing a generous amount of information. If it would not suffice, then seek other credible sources. 

  4. Articles: Good articles on specific topics are written by popular writers with sufficient research work done on them. You can refer to those sources if you need any essay writing help

  5. Media Reviews: In case you have decided to write in something which is not available in any of the formats, you can refer to media reviews as well. 


  • "Credibility" is all it takes:

When you are busy doing your research work or writing part, make sure that you never compromise on the credibility of the source. Credible sources provide brisk confidence in the content. 

Credible sources can be anything, but to put up the right things at the right place is also an art in itself. What if you have all the information regarding your essay and you still manage them badly? Wasted, right. 

Some good examples of credible sources are governmental websites, renowned official websites, articles, journals, books, etc. For better reference, you can read certain paperwork to supplement your essay. 

However, Information has to be managed first. Manage it in such a way that you cover every incident in a series. 


Steps to follow to write a complete essay:

So, let us now discuss the steps to write an essay. 

  • Understand the topic:

Before you begin the process of writing an essay, try to understand the topic. Understand what the context demands from the writer. 

Highlight the issues that are to be brought up using the topic. Think about the aspects of the topic on which you should focus more. Focus on good essay writing tips, to know more about the idea of understanding the topic. 

While you search for the topic, do not be in a rush. The reason is that the topic is the most sensitive part of the context. It needs special attention. 

If the topic is not judged properly, then the whole content is going to suffer for it. If the whole topic is completely understood thoughtfully, then there is a high probability that the content is going to be worth it as well. 

Understanding the topic is the first and basic step you need to follow. 


  • Collecting the information:

In case you are given to write the essay on the spot, collect your ideas and thoughts. It is always too good to go with the introduction, aspects of it, its effects, preventive measures, and a conclusion. 

However, not every time the topic comes this way. In that case, try isolating ideas regarding that topic and then organize them. 

Condense the Information and jot them down. Well, while drafting makes sure that you write the same points you have jotted down in the paper. 

Well, if you have enough time in hand, try to collect information through various credible sources. Try collecting facts and figures regarding that topic. 


  • Initiating the writing:

Before writing your thoughts directly on the paper, try to write some of it in a piece of rough paper. This would help you collectively collect all your information. 

Now, you can begin the writing process. Try to write straight-up content with loads of information in it. 

In the process of creating informative content, don't add information only, since it is an essay. But try to add information mostly. 

The best essay writing tip is to maintain the gap between an essay and a thesis. In the quest of adding information, try not to overdo the information. 

Maintain a balance between information and perspective. Try to add the blend of professionalism you want to. Make it the essay you always wanted to draft. 


  • Look for errors:

When you are writing by yourself, there are some chances that you are going to make errors, if you are not a regular writer. Some errors are acceptable, but basic errors in punctuation and grammar act against the boat. 

You can use any software to check for possible grammatical errors. The errors could be the use of more passive statements, wrong punctuation, sentence fragments, etc. 

When you write, make sure that you check for the format in which you have written. The format of the essay is an important part as well. 


  • Reviewing the materials:

When you are done with an essay, if you have the provision to make someone read the essay, go for it. Let the other person read your essay, judge your arguments and perspectives, and then provide you with essay writing tips to make your content better. 

While the other person is reviewing, ask them their opinions on certain contradictions or repugnancies. This does the job of dismantling the situation and reaching a better consensus. 

A good literature review is also a good way to know your content better. The literature reviews tell you where you are going wrong and provide you a good essay writing help. 

In case you can't afford one, prefer to visit your colleagues and ask them for a review. 


  • Proofreading:

You can proofread the whole content to get your views on how you have written everything. Proofreading the content will let you know about the formatting issues or any type of redundancy in the content. 

Another advantage of proofreading is that it acts as a final polish to the whole essay. You will correct all the issues and make sure that the essay is ready for publishing or submission. 



Writing an essay is among those tasks that require creativity and some patience. It requires good intent, a lot of information, and some organizational skills. 

When you are writing an essay on your own, try to make it different. Different in the sense, give it the structure, framework, vocabulary, and phrases of your style and reflect your writing skills perfectly using these steps.



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