Steps to follow when your site has been hit by Google Algorithms
  • Sep 2021
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Steps to follow when your site has been hit by Google Algorithms

30th September 2021

Online marketing or digital marketing trends have long taken over the offline ones. Understanding these methods and moving along with the time is what is demanded of us today. 

Writers or users take a lot of loads to increase their rankings on google because that is what gets them the most traffic on the search engine. But it sometimes happens that these google rankings may drop down due to certain specific reasons. 

One starts wondering what the reason behind the ranking was going down because then one has to start again from step one. But it is not something that one should worry about because that is the usual pattern on these search engines. 

Obviously, it is not the situation one would like to deal with but there are certain things or steps that one can follow to fix the situation. The first step to going for the rectification is to analyze the reason for such a drop. 

Before one goes to take action for raising their site’s rankings, they need to track their rankings daily to see whether the graph is going up or down. 

The reason behind tracking your rankings on a daily basis is that google makes numerous algorithm changes a year that is equal to 3200 which is a bit more than 8 algorithm changes in one day. 

Thus, the pretty obvious reason for these drops can be the Google Algorithm updates. Therefore, the only option left for you is to keep a track of your rankings on a daily basis. For this, you will first have to go to ‘Uber suggest dashboard’ and thereafter click on ‘add your first project’. 

The step is as simple as adding something in your URL, next you select the locations where you do business and form where you want traffic. Your next task is to add the keywords that you currently rank for or wish to go after. 

After that, set up your preferences for the traffic. Remember that you select daily rank tracking, and you also turn on mobile rank tracking. 

After these steps, you will get an email notifying you whenever your rankings go up or down since you are not going to check your rankings every day. Along with this, when you log in to your ‘Uber suggest dashboard’, you will see that your site has been updated with your current ranking trends. 

Besides, this method, there are several other ways that sites can use to revive themselves after being hit by Google algorithm updates:

  1. Use less of Aggressive Ads: One of the members of the Google family, Gary Illyes, was recently questioned by someone in Vegas, who asked him whether advertising can cause one's site to see a decline in its performance. The former said that the Page Layout algorithm of Google was still in effect although it happened to be a 2012 update by Google, which means that the sites which used too many ads or any such distracting ad implementation practice, was devalued. Therefore, the users must make sure that they do not use too many ads, such that these ads make it difficult for readers to find the actual content and have to pay attention to the removal of these ads. One must pay attention to the ad and the content proportion on mobile phones as well as desktops. 

  2. Get help from the Experts: Although there are several optimization techniques, yet nobody can replace the importance of content in maintaining or reviving the position of a site. Once you make your site's content done by experts or get help from sites who offer great guest posts, maybe your site flourishes a bit and you get the desired results. Therefore, make sure that your content is written by experts who may add value to it. As a matter of fact, most of the best thriving websites leverage reviews from experts in different fields so as to add credibility and value to their piece and thus to their site. Although it is not 100% guaranteed that getting your content written and reviewed by experts may get you the top spot in the ranking process, it cannot be denied that your content becomes inherently more accurate. 

  3. Use Trust Signals: It has been found out in the research that the majority of the winning sites display clear trust signals, like what has been their achievement, how many awards and certificates have been credited to their name or many other reasons why they should be trusted as a company which offers excellent services. As a matter of fact, as a user, you might have seen such a thing on different sites wherein the company tries to earn the trust of the users. 

  4. Be Transparent: Sites that are absolutely open in front of their audience earn great trust. For this, you will have to make your purpose clear to the audience. Therefore, you will have to maintain a clear editorial and a vivid note on your advertising policies to tell the user exactly how your site functions and offer these services. For example, if you are an educational site, you will have to disclose who writes for you, from where do you get these guest post services, what types of ads will your site display, and how are these ads selected. This way you are earning yourself the user trust and credibility for your site. 

  5. Work upon the Quality of your Content: This has been time and again reiterated that content happens to be the best possible way to earn yourself a great audience. In fact, to work upon this quality, several sites take the help of great guest posts to earn themselves an audience. No Google algorithms update can affect such a site that offers excellent and outstanding content services. Your content should be thoroughly researched, analyzed, compared, and then written in the proper format and structure. Also, ensure the presence of external links as well as citations and keywords.

  6. Auditing of Scientific/ Medical Consensus and Content Accuracy: The content on your site should not contradict the historical, scientific, and medical consensus. If it happens, your site on Google is in danger. Google makes use of the word 'consensus', 20 times in its Search Quality Guidelines, and says that any content that contradicts this consensus, should be given the lowest possible rating. This is more prominent with certain natural medicine doctors whose content goes in disagreement with the more trusted publications. 

  7. Ensure less use of Sales Language: Make sure that you do not mix up the transactional as well as the informational language on your site, which intends to provide information. This mix-up won’t get better results for your rather it would harm your site ranking to a great extent. 

  8. Work upon any Technical Issue: In case your site is facing any technical issue, do they resolve it. Technical SEO cannot be ignored since if Google faces a problem in indexing your content, all your efforts can be futile. For this always keep an eye on your Google console messages to ensure that your site does not have a manual action, make sure that the set-up of your page is not broken, check for AMP errors, there should not be systemic page speed issues, and the like. 

  9. Delete Low-quality content: In case there is a section in your site, which comes up with low-quality content, make it a point to remove or non-index it. That is how several writers who offer guest post services work for their site content. 

  10. Keep an eye on the Local Intent in the SERPs:  The best possible way to come out from the impact of the updates is to take a look at the search results. Check whether your keywords are still ranked generic or have been classified as that of local intent.

Therefore, the points mentioned above were an attempt to help out sites that are facing the wrath of the Google algorithm updates.



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