The Unknown Side of Link-Building
  • Sep 2021
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The Unknown Side of Link-Building

27th September 2021

Link- Building happens to be yet another important process in the functioning of the businesses and sites online, or to be specific yet another popular way for search engine optimization. 

The way or the method by which we build one-way hyperlinks or backlinks directed to a particular website, with the goal of improving search engine visibility is what we call link building. 

Along with SEO, link-building happens to be yet another strategy to get a lot of traffic to your site so that you increase your ranking on Google. We often make use of a lot of strategies for effective link-building and in turn expect immediate results from it. 

But we forget that things always don’t happen the way we desire them to happen. As soon as we start the process of link-building, it happens so that we want and expect immediate results from it. 

But that is not what the case is. Most of us have some notions about this link-building process that are actually not true. Therefore, let us understand the various harsh truths or false notions, associated with the link-building process:

  1. Link-Building is a Long Process: Once we build a link to our website or get the backlinks for the same, we start expecting a lot of traffic to our website so that we may benefit sooner. But it must be understood and realized that Google never makes it clear how long it will take to get us the desired results, as well as how long it will take to outrank our competitors. The only thing we can expect and look up to is figuring out the competition in our own niche. This is something that can draw you closest to any exact interpretation and expectation from the process. Usually, it has been observed that the chances of ranking among the top 10 on Google and the chances of competition within your niche are correlated. For example, in case you have low competition in the niche you have chosen then it will take you at least 3 months to reach the desired outcome. On the other hand, if you turn to a highly competitive niche, do not expect anything less than 6 months, in order to get the desired results. The reason for this is that no backlinks profile can be formed in just one night. Also, if you attempt to get a lot of backlinks at once, be prepared to face the consequences since google will penalize you for your unnatural and manipulative link-building strategy. This may not be that good for you since when you get into this arena of link-building you will retire to get a lot of trust from google. The process of link-building is a taxing and laborious one, which needs immense patience if you wish to outperform your competitors. Therefore, the only way out here is to work in a consistent as well as rational manner. 

  2. The link-building process can go wrong: While we get started on this procedure, we think that now we will be able to master the concept and come up with an accurate link using the accurate strategy. But this is not always the case. Research has found out that approximately 67% of the users go wrong with this method. There were some common things that all of them were doing wrong- unreasonable link-building speed as well as the purchase of irrelevant backlinks. Had these users gone on with the same process, they would have landed up nowhere and would have had to start from the first step of the ladder. Therefore, do not hurry and resort to shortcuts. The o lyrics way to go about it is thinking practically and then making things work out for you. People who usually face this move to a new domain, especially if their website is with less than one year of history. 

  3. People forget the On-page Optimization: As soon as we get done with the link-building task, we completely ignore the technical SEO and On-page optimization issues. These are the things that happen to be the backbone of any authoritative and top-ranking website. However, the majority of the users forget this step and move on landing themselves in nowhere. There have been cases where people came up with excellent link-building strategies and even sufficient budget on backlinks but still were not able to get the desired results. The common reason found where were the On-page faults that these customers made. Sometimes people who offer great guest post services commit this mistake and then land nowhere. The worst part here is that you spend a lot of money fixing these issues but to no use. Therefore, the only possible solution here is to check the On-page issues. This is something that does not require a lot of in-depth knowledge. As a matter of fact, you may rely on professionals for doing the same. 

  4. Concentrating more on Off-page Optimization: Carrying forward the idea mentioned in the above point, most of us pay more attention to the off-page process of link building and thus turn ourselves off to the On-page one. Several writers who offer guest post services tend to do the same. Thus, one must put stress on both the methods and work accordingly. 

  5. Lack of knowledge about your customers: Yet again, one of the most crucial aspects of link-building and getting traffic to your site is having knowledge of your customers. User experience happens to be of paramount importance for high ranking. Therefore, research upon your customers, understand their needs, and work to satisfy them. If you do not have the knowledge of what your customer wants from you, not even the best of practices can earn you a great ranking. The reason being, your site will have a high bounce rate- when customers come to your website and leave it very soon because something went wrong. Maybe your content, navigation, or design of your site. Therefore, we must view our competitors and work upon our site keeping the trends in mind.

  6. You just aim for #1 on Google: There are people who think of nothing but the first spots which is a good thing but after a point of time. If you think of immediately jumping to the number one spot that’s less likely to happen. In fact, progressing in their rank are also doing good. But what usually happens is that if we are not able to spot one, after a point of time, we stop trying and give up, which should not be the case. Keep on trying and you will get the desired results sooner or later. 

  7. Link building requires Money: Users believe that the link building procedure is free of cost, which is not exactly the case. If you want to make things work out, you need to invest. In fact, the more you invest, the more are your chances of getting a better result. The most important reason for this investment is of course to stand in line with your competitors. 

  8. Do not cut down on your Budget after your First Success: This is the most common thing people do. As soon as they get the desired results for the first time, they give up on all their initial efforts and go back to block one. Do not make this mistake. Keep your funds and investments for the best. 

  9. You try to replace an SEO professional: These professionals are the experts in their field, who know the A to Z of Optimization. But in order to save a few pennies, you cut down on these experts and then face the wrath of the search engines. Once you try to put your knowledge, that is good, but nothing can replace the knowledge of these experts. They have been in this field for years and working some way or the other, for example offering guest post services, writing great guest posts, writing guest blogs, and the like. And they are well acquainted with the pattern. 

  10. You go less on your research: This has to be the step before you start your work. Research a lot about the field you are trying to work in and the variety of competition and challenges you can face here. Once you are well prepared you are bound to take the right steps.

Therefore, these were a few link-building truths that we usually ignore but must keep in mind when we step into this world.



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