Tips to convert million to crore and vice versa
  • Sep 2021
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Tips to convert million to crore and vice versa

4th September 2021

There is considerable confusion when it comes to different numbering systems. 


This is especially annoying for investors or buyers trying to convert currency values. 


How much is ten million worth? What is the value of 100 million? What is 1,000,000? 


This may confuse people, especially overseas Pakistanis, who need to convert foreign currency into Pakistani Rupees (PKR) and understand the meaning of crores. 


Is it one million or billions? To help you, here is a digital table showing how to convert Pakistani currency value to international value. 



The International System of Units, also known as SI units, is a measurement system that sets standards for measuring the physical properties of substances. 

Numerical measurements are used in various environments from schools to industries. 


Units are important in our daily lives, whether it is buying food or preparing and transforming food. 


Millions, crores or billions, calculators that use multiplication conversion factors allow you to convert various units of measurement.


For example, millions to crores. When converting these numbers, you need a complex and easy-to-use million to crore converter


Converting one million to a crore is easy because you only need to select the unit and amount you want to convert. 


If you have conversion problems, you can use converting tools which will provide you with accurate unit conversion.


The conversions available on these calculators include million to crore, million to lakh, crore to million, one hundred thousand to one million, one million to one hundred thousand, trillion to one million, and so on. 


This article will cover the queries about how to convert millions into crores and vice versa by using a converting tool. 


Furthermore, you will also receive a formula that converts millions into crores and crores into the millions. You will also get the tables that contain the entire process.  


What is one million?

One million is described as the number 1000 multiplied by 1000. It can also be expressed as 10x6. 

In the sequence of numbers starting with 1, this large number follows hundreds of thousands. 

What is crore?

On the other hand, crore is ten times that of a million. Their size is 1000 x 10000. It is represented by 10x7.  


How does the conversion tool work?

It is very easy to use this conversion tool. All you have to do is to select the label and type the amount to convert.

Below listed a proper method to use this tool:


  • Enter the specified number in the corresponding input field.


  • Select a label from the first drop-down menu. 

  • To convert your number, select a name from the second list. 

  • To perform the conversion, click the "Calculate" button. 

  • Press the "Reset" key to enter a new value.  

  • When you want to convert a fraction to one million or one crores, you can use the decimal-to-decimal conversion to get the decimal value. Therefore, you can use decimal values ??for conversion.

Why convert millions into crores?

Although millions are generally accepted in digital systems, some countries use crore terms because it is part of the Vedic digital system. 

People often want to know how many millions there are in crore, and vice versa.

Therefore, a converter is needed.   

Convert million into crore

One million consists of 0.1 crores. To convert millions into crores, all you have to do is to put the amount in the converter tool and it will convert the amount in crores.


For example, if you want to convert 20 million into crores simply put values in this formula:


Value in crores = value in millions* 0.1

Value in crores = 20*0.1

Value in crores = 2


Based on this formula, let’s take a look at a table consisting of different values 


Convert crore into million

The term crore is used in Asian countries and million is a western term. Crore is denoted by 10*7. The term one crore is equal to ten million.


Crore is a large number and it comes after ten lakh in the number chain which starts from one and a million comes after one lakh in the number chain. 


Crore is considered to be VNS which stands for Vedic numbering systems. The representation of crore and million can be view from the table:


1 crore is equal to ten million, thus to convert a crore into millions, all we have to do is to put the numbers in the converter tool and it will convert the amount into millions.

Manually you can also calculate this conversion using the below mention formula:


Value in millions = value in crores* 10

Thus, one crore is equal to ten million, you can convert any value by using the formula.


For example, we need to convert 5 crores into millions. One Crore is equal to 10 million. To convert 5 crores to a million, simply multiply the number by 10. 

Millions = value in crores*10

Millions = 5*10

Millions = 50


Based on this formula, let’s take a look at a table consisting of different values:




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