question archive Sociology 100 Part 1 Objectives: 1

Sociology 100 Part 1 Objectives: 1

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Sociology 100

Part 1


1. Understand the nature and extent of global climate change

2. Work collaboratively to generate a final report on climate change


1. Visit the NASA Climate Change website here –

2. Under “Facts” at the top of the page, each group member should summarize in one paragraph (i.e.,

five to six sentences) the following sections:

a. Evidence

b. Causes

c. Effects

d. Scientific Consensus

e. Under “Articles” – select “News and Features” – pick one (1) news briefing to summarize (2022)

3. Remember to include in-text citations to the NASA website (i.e., NASA 2022) after statements of fact

and statistics, and avoid quotations (i.e., summarize this evidence in your own words).

4. Final reports should include a summary of all the above sections. All remaining summaries should

relate to a different “News and Features” briefing (2022).

5. +3 bonus if the final report is organized according to the outline above (i.e., evidence, causes,

effects, scientific consensus, news articles – and more than one news article if necessary)

Grading and requirements (10 points):

1. Final report includes one paragraph summary of the above five topics

2. Summary has been proofread for grammar and clarity

3. Summary avoids quotations

4. Includes in-text citation (i.e., NASA 2022)

Part 2


What do you think is necessary politically to bring about the types of social change you think are

important? Include a link to a website that helps illustrate the importance of this social change and/or

social problem.

Answer in one paragraph (i.e., five to six sentences)


Sociology 250

Part 3



Option 1: Socioeconomic Status

Discuss the various factors that have enabled and/or helped you get to the point where you are attending college and consider how your life would be different if any one of those factors was not present.*

*If you are struggling to think of something, just remember that most students require loans, grants, and other forms of financial assistance to pay for college and would be unable to do so if they had to pay out of pocket.

Option 2: Religious and Political Affiliation+

Think about the characteristics that you use to develop your identity (political, religious, or otherwise) and discuss the significance of your achieved statuses with how you see your self and how you would like others to see you.

Answer in one paragraph (i.e., five to six sentences)


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