question archive I 100% agree there is still discrimination against blacks to this day

I 100% agree there is still discrimination against blacks to this day

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I 100% agree there is still discrimination against blacks to this day. The only way discrimination could truly be eliminated is through moral action. There is a difference between not doing something because I am told versus being willing to choose not to because I know it is wrong. 

Access and treatment inequities still occur in the workplace towards Hispanics of their education, language fluency, and appearance (Bell, pg. 162). Many times Hispanics get turned down because of stereotypical thinking that has been passed down for generations. Things like Hispanics only want to receive government assistance and not work or that they are all criminals is what some people to this day believe. More often than not, Hispanics are willing to work anywhere in any position regardless of the pay to provide for their household.

Chapter 6 explained that Asians are one of the fastest-growing minority groups in the United States because of their birth and immigration rates (Bell, pg. 195). Which is like my Latino community. In many ways, Asians and Hispanics are alike for instance, the importance of family and traditions. There is a tendency of creating a big family to continue the family bloodline and for one day their children to grow up and take care of the elderly in the family because it is their responsibility and duty.

As time passed, the term “white” would refer to people that originate from Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa (Bell, pg. 239). I believe the growth of non-Hispanic Whites is declining due to two things, more diverse categories that one might identify as and lack of knowledge. Before that, there was not many “categories” one could check off that they identified as however, now there are. This might have an economic impact because there is still racial bias in the world, whether we choose to see it or turn a blind eye.

Lastly, as I watched this week’s TED talk the speaker pointed out the need for racial diversity to be applied in every single corporate and higher-up position to promote diversity and shut down ignorant beliefs that have been passed down. She explained that society needs to start being comfortable with having uncomfortable conversations about race. I think everyone has become too sensitive. Everyone is scared to speak up but when they do, it is for the wrong things.

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