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Process Flow Diagram 11 unread reply

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Process Flow Diagram

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This discussion is designed to give you practice creating a process flowchart and also to get you started thinking about  a possible process to use for the group capstone process analysis project.

For this discussion, you need to create  a  process flowchart of a specific company's service or manufacturing process that you might consider using for your group process analysis project.  In addition to including the required tasks to complete the process, your flow diagram must use the proper formatting (i.e. correct shapes) of a flow diagram, and include at least one "decision point", along with the subsequent tasks based on the results of this "decision". 

What you submit must be different than any other posts to receive credit.  It is designed to be your own work, based on your own experience of a particular company process, and not taken from a pre-made flow-chart that you found on the internet or other source.  You encounter processes everyday so you have numerous options to use for this assignment.    Note: This version of the flowchart does not need to be detailed at this point. I want you to start thinking about a possible process for the capstone process analysis project and this will help you decide on a good process to use for the project.  Good options include:

1) a process that is easily observable,

2) you have access to management to gain more detailed information,  (not as important for this discussion, but something to consider for the project)

3) the process has flaws/ inefficiencies from a customer or employee point of view (not as important for this discussion, but something to consider for the project). 




I have attached the examples. I want it to be something like that. 


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