question archive Critically analyzes TWO quotes from Julie Otsuka’s novel, When the Emperor Was Divine

Critically analyzes TWO quotes from Julie Otsuka’s novel, When the Emperor Was Divine

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Critically analyzes TWO quotes from Julie Otsuka’s novel, When the Emperor Was Divine. There should be some kind of thematic connection between the two quotes.

Explains the larger, societal message the quotes/novel presents. This should go beyond a simple condemnation of America’s decision to inter Japanese-Americans during World War II. Do the concepts, warnings, or ideas still resonate/connect to our current world?

Basic Guidelines for the paper:

First, select your two quotes carefully. Make sure there is some kind of connection or progression that links the two quotes. You might also want to choose quotes that we haven’t “beaten to death” in class.

Then, you will need to carefully and insightfully analyze the passages. Your analysis should be more than basic plot summary or a description of the work. You are dissecting the text to understand what it is implying/arguing, about the characters, about the ethics of the situation, or about the choices made during this time. Utilize the examples (10-on-1) and techniques we practiced in class.

Finally, you should be asserting some larger argument through your essay, something that comments on more than the time period the novel is set in (early 1940’s). It is imperative that you link/connect the text with our modern world. Often literature serves as social commentary on the world. What are these quotes and this novel arguing? What commentary does it make about our society?

Consider the follow questions when analyzing the novel (although you do not have to address all of them):

What implied argument is the novel making? What commentary does it make on the American Dream? The value of civil liberties vs. national security? The nature of diversity, culture, race, discrimination, or economics in America? You don’t have to address all of these issues (or any of them), but you need to approach both works from a larger, more significant perspective.

Is the novel relevant to today’s society, to the lives we lead today? What warnings can we take from the novel? What guidelines or instructions does it provide for creating a “more perfect society”?

Audience: Your audience has read When the Emperor Was Divine once.

Guidelines: Your essay should be approximately 5-6  typed, double-spaced pages and comply with MLA format. You MUST include a works cited page at the end.

Additional Requirements:

-- Have a clear, effective organizational pattern.

--Provide a clear thesis statement.

--Craft an engaging, effective introduction.

--Utilize specific evidence from the text.

--Provide clear, effective analysis (your own views and voice) on these quotes. This is not a simple plot summary. What point/argument can you provide through these quotes?

--Write focused, unified, coherent paragraphs.

--Construct clear, effective sentences.

--Incorporate powerful, effective word choice

--Edit your work.

--Cite your textual usage.

--Cite and document any outside or additional sources you use for background information.


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