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Prepare complex broking options

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Prepare complex broking options. You are required to prepare a full report for Bill and John by outlining the application process and the risks (potential and real) of which they should be aware. This must be presented in a suitable format that would be sent to the client.

You will be required to outline to the directors the product options available to them and the process that will need to take place for them to complete the new property purchase and establish the loan. 

In preparation of researching the product options, you will need to understand the client's situation and what funds will be available between the purchase and the sale settlement as outlined in the case study.

The two (2) product options for the property purchase are as follows:

Option 1: A bridging loan with a term loan following bridging period (post sale settlement) 

Option 2: A variable rate term loan (to effect the purchase in 90 days time).

In developing your report, you should cover the following:

1.        Who are the parties to the loan, given the Trust involvement 

2.        What are your recommendations of the best loan structure option, including:

           •   the loan amount

           •   security/collateral including personal and company guarantees

           •   the loan term

           •   an explanation as to why the other option is not as suitable for the clients (include pros and cons and differences in fees and interest etc.)

3.        Outline the risks of which Bill and John should be made aware. Information should cover risks associated with the selected loan products and required security, including guarantees and forms of security required in addition to property.

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