question archive APA FORMAT, ORIGINAL WORK 7 FULL PAGES not including Title and Reference, Don’t go over 9 pages

APA FORMAT, ORIGINAL WORK 7 FULL PAGES not including Title and Reference, Don’t go over 9 pages

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APA FORMAT, ORIGINAL WORK 7 FULL PAGES not including Title and Reference, Don’t go over 9 pages.

and well-organized memorandum to your CEO

The paper should have a short (one paragraph) “Executive Summary.” Look this term up on the internet for further details. It is intended to be a summary of your presentation, not a summary of the task assigned. Stick to the details in the syllabus regarding double spacing and font size. Use one (1) inch margins all around. Page numbers should be included. : 1.) Problems/Issues Facing the Organization, 2.) Possible Solutions, 3.) Recommended Solution(s), and 4.) Expected Outcomes.

About class: This course will introduce students to basic concepts in risk management. The foundation of the study of these topics is the nature of risk and the risk management process, including legal liability and regulatory compliance as it pertains to health and healthcare organizations. The coursewill introduce fundamental statutory and regulatory regimes that bear on risk and its management.Students will also learn how to identify issues, applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards needed to develop an effective compliance management program



You have a job as the middle-level executive in a 250 bed hospital. The hospital is technically a “non-profit” hospital, but it is run as close to a “for profit” goal as possible. As a result of dislocations to the health care industry in your state, your hospital has suffered a 15% loss of trained health care provider staff across the entire hospital, including physicians, nurses, and licensed personnel of all kinds. The hospital has operated five (5) clinics: a walk-in orthopedic clinic; a referral based radiology department with MRI, CT, and ultrasound facilities; a labor-and-delivery suite with neonatology; a wound care center with hyperbaric equipment; and, a locked, in-patient pediatric psychiatric facility.


Your CEO has assigned you the task of making a report to her, for presentation to the hospital Board, assessing the risks associated with closing two of these five clinics. She has asked you to describe the risks of closing each clinic, as well as the risks of continuing to run the clinics.


You should evaluate the following:


the risks of continuing to offer the services with 15% less staff;

the benefits of continuing to offer the services of each clinic;

the risks of transferring non-physician personnel from the clinics to be closed to those that will remain open, and an assessment of the training challenges/risks of using inexperienced staff in the new clinics;

the potential personnel problems and possible solutions resulting from either (or both) transferring employees to new assignments or laying off any extra staff; and,

any other problems or risks that may be encountered.


Make a recommendation which two clinics should be closed, with a brief explanation why they should close and the others should remain open. In a succinct way, identify any process or implementation issues you identify (this can be in a “bullet” format.)


Suggest a basic timeline for the implementation of your suggestions, taking into account the risks that you have identified and the steps you propose to take.


Finally, provide a brief statement of your assessment of the Cynefin system in which this process with be conducted. The Cynefin discussion is included in the Announcements for each Section.

The Cynefin Framework The Cynefin framework helps leaders determine the prevailing operative context so that they can make appropriate choices. Each domain requires different actions. Simple and complicated contexts assume an ordered universe, where cause-and-effect relationships are perceptible, and right answers can be determined based on the facts. Complex and chaotic contexts are unordered—there is no immediately apparent relationship between cause and effect, and the way forward is determined based on emerging patterns. The ordered world is the world of fact-based management; the unordered world represents pattern based management. The very nature of the fifth context— disorder—makes it particularly difficult to recognize when one is in it. Here, multiple perspectives jostle for prominence, factional leaders argue with one another, and cacophony rules. The way out of this realm is to break down the situation into constituent parts and assign each to one of the other four realms. Leaders can then make decisions and intervene in contextually appropriate ways

You should prepare a memorandum that can be understood quickly and clearly. Do NOT worry about the revenue issues (this is confidential information that you do not have, but which the Board will know.) Consider any additional costs which you may identify.


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