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Respond in 100 words 1

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Respond in 100 words

1. Telemedicine is redefining and transforming health care. In a health care system that is fragmented, telemedicine improves the access to health care by being able to access health care from anywhere at any time. Explain what you feel are two legal issues that impact telemedicine and how they could be resolved.

2. As a patient, you should be asked to sign an informed consent form before any treatment is done. Suppose your doctor advised that your left ovary/testicle was diseased and needed to be removed, and you gave the informed consent to remove the left ovary/testicle. When the doctor saw the left ovary/testicle, he realized it was the right ovary/testicle, so he removed the right ovary/testicle instead without reviving you to get a new consent Do you feel the doctor made the correct decision? Why, or why not? What do you feel you as the patient should do in this situation, and why?


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