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Module Discussion 1

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Module Discussion

1. Explain the ways in which companies can set up an online marketing presence. Is it necessary for a business today to have an online presence? Why?

 2.  Compare and contrast the different forms of online advertising. What factors should a company consider in deciding among these different forms?

Discussion Requirements:

·       Please ensure that the discussion question response is substantive in nature, which includes a minimum of 300 words.

·       Please avoid writing the minimum. Make sure that the response is topic-specific, relevant to the course material, and supported by outside academic sources through the use of in-text citations with the inclusion of a reference section.

In this module, we shall examine direct marketing and its fastest-growing form, Online marketing. Direct marketing can be viewed as more than just a marketing tool. It constitutes an overall marketing approach-a blend of communication and distribution channels rolled out in one. We shall learn how companies develop competitive marketing strategies to create long-lasting customer relationships and value. We shall further extend this to global marketing and we shall examine six major decisions that marketers make in global marketing.


A.      Describe direct and online marketing and how it can be used to build direct customer relationships

B.      Explain how companies adapt their marketing strategies mixes for international markets

C.      Identify three major forms of international marketing organizations

D.     Describe three approaches to entering international markets.


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