question archive  Label your responses to Question 1 or Question 2

 Label your responses to Question 1 or Question 2

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 Label your responses to Question 1 or Question 2.

  1. How have you assimilated the information from the text regarding the types of mixed method designs?In your answer, please summarize what you feel is the most important aspect in identifying the various types of mixed methods designs.
  2. What process is helpful in determining sample size in mixed methods designs?  Provide a brief description of a research question or study you have developed or one you have found in the literature.Discuss the sample size you think best works for the study you selected to use with this question.

You need to use references to at least 5 to 10 peer-reviewed journal articles to support your discussion.You must make a minimum of four substantive contributions on two separate days of the learning week to each discussion topic. Post your response to the discussion question early in the learning week (no later than Wednesday), and then respond to a minimum of three other posts. Please limit your initial discussion post to 4-6 short paragraphs and 3 response posts to 2 paragraphs.


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