question archive Your CEO has just finished a long flight

Your CEO has just finished a long flight

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Your CEO has just finished a long flight. They are stranded in the plane on the tarmac at the airport due to a mechanical delay. Their laptop has died. It is up to you to produce a full PowerPoint presentation for them to present one hour after they leave the plane. You must produce not only the visuals but also the notes for your CEO to follow and complete references showing where you got your information. Make sure your CEO looks well- informed in front of a business audience! They must be able to confidently deliver your error-free presentation and be able to clearly show how the research was done. 

Choose one of the following topics. Note that each one of these topics will involve a significant amount of research to be completed.

Topic B: Fundraising     or

Topic C: New Corporate Direction 

An outline , A reference page in APA , A PowerPoint presentation!!!


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