question archive Victim Resources are affected by a myriad of factors

Victim Resources are affected by a myriad of factors

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Victim Resources are affected by a myriad of factors. Depending on the state, restorative justice initiatives are enforced based on funding, stakeholders who wish to participate, and empirical research regarding the efficacy of victim rehabilitation programs. While many do not understand the process of garnering funding for victim rehabilitation, the professional delegation of these processes and resources is based on evidence-based research. As discussed in week 1, we understand the importance of criminal intelligence and the data gathering procedures. While these components are important, theories help us to shape your evidence-based research. We must have something to test. Criminology theories seek to explain criminal behavior and how these behaviors lead to victimization. The factors developed from this research help law enforcement inform the community on how to combat victimization, but also how to develop restorative justice measures. Additionally, this data also informs on neuroscience and how cognitive development affects victims and criminals.

Describe some restorative justice measures used in your state. Identify ways in which these measures rehabilitate offenders and victims. Examine how these measures are effective in the decrease of crime.

Remember, crime is based on many things. Probation violations, new offenses, parole violations, and other components, make up the body of crime. How do restorative justice measures contribute to the decrease in recidivism. Are these measures important for the further proliferation of criminal justice efforts.

Must be 75-150 words 


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