question archive 1) Explain how and why urban neighbourhoods change

1) Explain how and why urban neighbourhoods change

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1) Explain how and why urban neighbourhoods change. In relation to changing neighbourhoods, your essay should include a discussion of the role of (i) housing submarkets, (ii) residential mobility, (iii) foreign immigration, (iv) gentrification.

  1. In the preparation of Assignment #3, Weeks 11 & 14 of the instructional content, and Chapter 9 of the textbook, should be consulted. The following articles in the online Library Readings may also be consulted:“Newcomers in the Canadian Housing Market” (Hiebert)“The Role of Housing and Neighbourhood in the Resettlement Process” (Carter et al.)“Gentrification and Urban Management Agencies” (Logan and Vachon)“Extent, Location and Profiles of Continuing Gentrification” (Meligrana and Skaburskis)
  2. The length of the essay should be approximately 2,000 words (excluding references).
  3. Parts (i) – (iv) are each worth a maximum of 2 marks. In addition, a maximum of 1 mark is awarded for each of: (a) an introductory statement, and (b) a general concluding statement.


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