question archive 1) Pick any ONE C programming problem

1) Pick any ONE C programming problem

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1) Pick any ONE C programming problem. Rewrite 
program in (i) Shell scripting, and (ii) your programming language of choice
(other than C and Shell).
Compare and discuss in bullet points the performance of each of the three
programming languages. Do not make vague generic statements. Use your
empirical testing of your prototype solution (program to solve the given
problem) to make inferences about which programming construct is better
and why? Discuss the advantages and limitations of each.
1. Time taken to complete execution (total time taken from providing input
to delivering output)
2. Length of code (number of lines of code) or equivalently storage space
for the code
3. Memory space required by the programs
4. Ease of understandability/access to the programmer
5. Dependencies on other software and/or hardware

2. What is your overall take-away from the discussion of the results of your
evaluation of the metrics in problem 1 above. Summarize your understanding


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