question archive In 2022 anita poirer was transsferred by her employer to vancouver from toronto

In 2022 anita poirer was transsferred by her employer to vancouver from toronto

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In 2022 anita poirer was transsferred by her employer to vancouver from toronto. She has made a number of financial transaction related to the move. Anita has aske you for help in determining her 2022 income for tax purposes. She has made of financial transactions related to the move. Anita has asked you for helped in determining her 2022 income tax purposes. She has provided the following information:

1. Anita is divorded and supports her two children lise (aged 17) and Randy (aged 19). In the summer Randy earned net profits of $4,000 as a street vendor. Lise's only source of income was from an investment purchased for her by her mother. The investment bonds of a Canadian public corporation, paid interest of $1200 during the year.

2. ANita began work in vancouver in February 2022 as a senior sales associiate for a clothing manufacturer. During the year she received a gross salary of $133,100 as well commissions of $5,000. In addition, on June 30, her employer's year end, she was awarded a bonus of $36,000 payable in 12 monthly instalments of $3,000 beginning July 31, 2022. She contributed $4,500 to the company's registed pension plan, and her employer contributed the same amount. She also paid $3,500 to the Canad pension plan and made employment insurance contribution of $953.

3. Anita's employer has ceritified that she is required to pay some of her own expenses as part of her selling duties. She incurred the following costs:

Puchase of Computer    $3,000

Advertising and promotion   $2200


Meals and drinks             2400

Golf Club dues                 2900

Automobile-gas, repairs and insurance       4200

 Anita uses her own car for business activities.At the end 2021 thecar has undepreciated capital cost of $20,000. In 2022 she drove the car 30000 km of which approximately 16000Km were the personal use. She acquired a computer (see table) which she uses at home to maintain customer files and industry information. She estimates that 90% of her computer time is employment related.

4. On January 15, 2023 ANita contributed $8500 to an RRSP. On the same date she contributed $4800 to a TFSA. FOr the 2021 Taxation year, her earned income was $63,889. In 2021, the combined (employer and employee) contribution to her employer RPP was $6,600.

5. ANita drove herself and  her two children from toronto to vancouver. The 4,400 km trip took five days and cost $400 for Gasoline, $80 for accomodation (four nights) and $500 for meals (five days) as well she incured the following relocations costs

Real estate commission on sale of former home   $23,000

Moving furniture    $16900

Legel fees to purchase new home  2,000

legal fees on sale of former home 2500


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