question archive Approaches to utilize in this assignment: 1

Approaches to utilize in this assignment: 1

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Approaches to utilize in this assignment:

1. Data warehouses

2. Big data

3. Cloud-based database technologies

Northwest University

Company Profile: Northwest University provides bachelors and master's degree programs. Northwest University is based in Seattle, Washington. Northwest University has 250 employees that are spread across multiple disciplines - advising; accounting; marketing; academic departments; online learning; and information technology.

Scenario Details: Julien Moreno is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). He would like to see how Northwest University is able to increase the number of new students. Juan would like to see what approaches can be used to draw from data that Northwest University gathers through student and alumni surveys. Northwest University also gathers additional information from the gathering of data from customer sentiment (online reviews) of social media posts and college rating surveys.

Assignment Steps

1. Pick 2 of the approaches (listed above) that you will use for this scenario. List these out. (You have to pick 2 different approaches that differ from Scenario # 1)

2. Explain how each of the two approaches will individually be utilized to increase the number of new customers. 

3. Compare the two approaches against each other and explain how they will be able to utilize customer survey and customer sentiment data to help in achieving the increase in new customer acquisition .


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