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You work for the state department of health

Computer Science

You work for the state department of health. You receive reports of notifiable diseases from healthcare providers around the state. This information is tracked so that you can watch for epidemics and other health hazards. You are in the process of purchasing a new population health system to be used for these purposes. Perform a web-search and locate one population health management system that you would recommend.

  • Create a two-three page professional proposal (APA format) containing the following information:
    1. The functionality you would look for in the new system.
    2. Identify the system that you would recommend.
    3. Justify your system selection.
    4. Identify a specific disaster back-up plan for your system.
    5. Identify a recovery plan for your system.
    6. Explain how this system and disaster/recovery plans will meet the organizations goals.
  • Proposal should contain at least two references.

Assignment Objectives: 

  • Meet CAHIIM Curriculum requirement for Bachelor Degree
    1. Domain III. Informatics, Analytics and Data Use
    2. Subdomain III.B. Information Management Strategic Planning
    3. Section 1. Take part in the development of information management plans that support the organization’s  current and future strategy and goals
    4. Competencies: Disaster and recovery planning

Assignment Purpose: 

To create a plan to support an organization’s strategies and goals.

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