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question archive Write an article on fan message board Paper must be at least 1250 words

Write an article on fan message board Paper must be at least 1250 words

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Write an article on fan message board Paper must be at least 1250 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Anonymity, an important aspect of the message board genre, can dispute the truthfulness, reliability, and intention of the content or information posted on the board (Tancer para 3). The Internet provides fans numerous communication channels to pass on or share information. Message boards are still one of the more widespread communication channels on the World Wide Web, particularly for the fan community. Message boards give fans the chance to communicate conveniently and at will with one another through content posting or public forum. If a large number of fans take part or view these boards, the volume of content that can be communicated or exchanged is enormous. With a simple mouse click and strokes on the keyboard, message boards communicate one’s ideas, observations, and interests to other involved viewers or users anywhere and anytime.

Message boards are a perfect medium for fans who want to communicate with others who have the same preferences or likings. Angelina Jolie fan pages, especially ‘Angelina Jolie Fan’, ‘Angelina Jolie Place’, and ‘Team Jolie’, extensively use message boards as a communication channel for fans of the Hollywood actress all over the world. But how do message boards work as a fan genre? This paper analyzes how Angelina Jolie’s fan community makes use of message boards as a communication medium, focusing on the content, structure, and language.

Before posting content on the message board that will be read across the globe, there are several essential aspects to remember and understand the structure of message boards. Even though there are message boards that are restricted to public viewing, almost all message boards can be publicly accessed or viewed. Hence, when one posts content to&nbsp.the Internet, it will be published for all users to read. The one who posted the content does not have control who will view or read his/her post, or who could use parts of it for other purposes.


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