question archive 7)A) less than zero B, between zero and mg C

7)A) less than zero B, between zero and mg C

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7)A) less than zero B, between zero and mg C. equal to mgD. greater than mg E. none from the above 

A ball is thrown straight up. At the top of its path, the magnitude of the net force acting on it is

1) Pulling up on a rope, you lift a 4.25 kg bucket of water from a well with an acceleration of 1.8m/s^2. What is the 

tension of the rope? 


2) Joe wishes to hang a sign that has a mass of 76.5kg so that cable A, attached to the store, makes a 30 degree 

angle. Cable B is horizontal and attached to an adjoining building. What is the tension in cable B? 


3) A child's swing is held up by two ropes tied to a tree branch that hangs 13 degrees from the horizontal. If the 

tension in each rope is 2.28N, what is the mass of the swing? 


4) Jonie is being pulled from a snake pit with a rope that breaks if tension in it exceeds 755N. If Jonie has a mass of 

70kg and the snake pit is 3.4m deep, what is the minimum time necessary to pull out Jonie? 


5) (A) Draw a FBD of the box and a FBD for the knot. (B) Find the magnitude of the tensions forces in each of the 

pieces of string =20 degrees 


6) M1 = 3kg & M2= 5kg (A) Draw a FBD for each of the blocks (B) What is the magnitude of acceleration for the 

system? (C) What is the force of tension in the string? 


7) Mass 2 = 5-kg and Mass 1 = 10-kg, (A) Draw a FBD of mass 1 and mass 2 (B) If mass 1 is 2.5 meters off the 

ground, with what velocity will mass 1 hit the floor? 


8) A 2.8 kg block on a frictionless tabletop is attached by a string to a hanging block of mass 2.8 kg. (A) Draw a FBD 

of m1 and m2 (B) Find the acceleration of the masses (C) Find the tension in the string (D) [Honors) Find the tension in the string if the table had a coefficient of kinetic friction of .3 


9) A block with an unknown mass is on a smooth tabletop attached to a string that is attached to a hanging block of 

mass of 3.6 kg. If the blocks accelerate at 2.1 m/s^2 (A) What is the mass of block on the table? (B) What is the Tension in the rope? 


10) [Honors] (A) Draw a FBD of m2 and m1 (B) If m2 = 3-kg and m1 = 1kg what is the magnitude of the blocks 

acceleration? Will m2 accelerate up or down the hill? (C) What is the tension in the wire? (There is no friction) (theta = 40 degrees) 


11) A picture hangs on the wall suspended by two strings. The tension in string 1 is 1.7N and hangs at an angle of 65 

degrees above the horizontal.  A) What is the tension in string 2 if it hangs at an angle of 32 degrees. B) What is the mass of the picture? 


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