question archive Write a proposal in which you answer the following prompts

Write a proposal in which you answer the following prompts

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Write a proposal in which you answer the following prompts.

Part I) Discuss your thought process as a new leader. After studying several theories, which theory will you employ in your leadership practice? Do you believe that there is a difference between leadership and management? If so, what is the distinction? You have read Kouzes and Posner’s (2009) best practices of leadership. Did you find any other leadership best practices in your research that interested you? Were the findings enough to sway your personal philosophy of leadership? What factors influence you when you need to make a decision? How might making a diagram help you? Before this course were you aware that your area of specialization had professional standards? What other uses might you find for professional standards in the future (ethical, curricular, other matters)?

Part II ) Explain the educational problem you chose in Week 3. How did you justify your choice? How did you evaluate the problem through the human resources, political, symbolic, structural, and technological perspectives? Did you use any other perspectives not mentioned here as you contemplated the problem? Now describe the potential solutions that you came up with and how you filtered them through the above-mentioned perspectives and any other perspectives not listed here.

1 to 2 pages long along with using 1 scholarly journal article for reference.


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