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You can't save changes to this file. Save a copy Dismiss on the issues handled by that manager. Paul also uses those meetings to learn what challenges the manager is facing so he can offer coaching and encouragement And Paul looks for ways to meet with as many employees outside HR as he can. For example, he attends an annual employee recognition gathering held to honor the company's 800 top performing employees. There he talks to as many people as he can. He asks open-ended questions such as "What are you happy about at Best Trust? What could we do better?" Talking one on one to employees can feel like an escape from one of the chief annoyances of his job: poorly written messages from many of the bank's middle managers. It seems that Best Trusthas excelled at finding people with strong analytic and customer service skills, but many of these people stumble at presenting an idea or summarizing their progress in e-mails and reports. Paul feels intense time pressure, and if he gets a suggestion but can't figure out the main idea in the first couple of sentences, he simply passes it to one of his managers for a possible follow-up, Paul suspects that good ideas and real problems are being missed. Rambling reports and presentations loaded with jargon seem to have become a norm at Best Trust, and Paul is thinking about adding a new training program to improve writing skills. To get out the word about the bank's policies, benefits, and other initiatives, Paul uses a variety of media. He gives presentations atevents such as the employee recognition gathering and atbranches around the world. Four times a year, he records a video that is posted on the bank's intranet Topics range from a summary of HR resources to interviews with key leaders at Best Trust Also on the intranet, Paul leads regular town hall meetings, a live video feed that allows employees to post questions and ideas, which Paul and other executives answer immediately on the video. Promotions to the executive level are not the only reason communication has changed for Paul at Best Trust Another source of change is technology. When Paul was a teller, the Internet was just a concept, and transmitting data on line was a major undertaking that required computer experts. Now the Internet is a basic tool On the plus side, it helps Paul deliver information efficiently and keep up with far-flung colleagues. But Paul also has a whole set of policy concerns related to the Internet such as whether to allow employees to access social networking sites and how closely to monitor blogs and other public information for company-related posts. When Paul thinks about it, he realizes that his communication skills have barely grown as fast as the communication demands of his work. 


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