question archive an research paper on the underestimated conductor of the bone orchestra

an research paper on the underestimated conductor of the bone orchestra

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an research paper on the underestimated conductor of the bone orchestra. Needs to be 18 pages. Please no plagiarism. Fishes normally comprise about half of all the vertebrates in the world population but the structure and the materials that usually form the fish skeletons are very poorly researched and hence little understanding of the mechanical behavior of this crucial species of vertebrates.

It is very interesting that there are many intriguing questions particularly on how the fish bones are able to handle forces and this is opening space for research in this field (Moss, 2005). In this research, the focus will be directed towards understanding the structure of the fish bones. We shall conduct a comprehensive analysis of the nature of the fishbone, the mechanical properties, the structural appearance and the use of fish bones in the manufacture of lightweight materials.

Bonucci in his publication, The osteocyte: the underestimated conductor of the bone orchestra, he states that bones from vertebrates can be described as being either cellular or acellular in nature. This difference is usually as a result of whether osteocytes are embedded within the mineralized matrix of the fishbone or not. The existence of osteocytes creates results in the creation of morphologically distinctive materials with a wide-ranging and interconnected system of microscopic canals that are associated with the cell lacunae (Bonnuci, 2009). Though the acellular bones lack osteocytes inside the bone matrix, it is still able to recruit periosteal osteocytes to control the remodeling and modeling of the fishbone. A functional important mechanical property of fish bones is stiffness both in the mechanical aspect and the material approach. The mechanical properties of the fish bones are affected by various factors including the porosity of the bones which determines the level of stiffness. According to Curvey, an increase in the bone porosity results in a substantial decrease in the stiffness of the bone.

Bones are known to form a tough and protective load that bears the framework of the skeletons of various vertebrates.&nbsp.


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