question archive Henry O'Donnell created an inter vivos trust fund

Henry O'Donnell created an inter vivos trust fund

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Henry O'Donnell created an inter vivos trust fund. He owns a large department store in Higgins, Utah. He also owns a tract of land adjacent to the store used as an extra parking lot when the store is having a sale and during the Christmas season. O'Donnell expects the land to appreciate in value and eventually be sold for an office complex or additional stores. 
O'Donnell places this land into a charitable lead trust, which will hold the land for 10 years until O'Donnell's son is 21. At that time, title will transfer to the son. The store will pay rent to use the land during the interim. The income generated each year from this usage will be given to a local church. The land is currently valued at $440,000. 
During the first year of this arrangement, the trustee records the following cash transactions: 
Cash inflows: Rental income $72,000 Cash outflows: Insurance $ 5,200 Property taxes 7,200 Paving (considered an extraordinary repair) 5,200 Maintenance 9,200 Distribution to income beneficiary 42,000 
Prepare all journal entries for this trust fund including the entry to create the trust. (If no entry is required for a transaction/event, select "No journal entry required" in the first account field.) 

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