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write an article on Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis

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write an article on Qualitative Reasoning and Analysis. It needs to be at least 1250 words. They also use qualitative Reasoning to interpret the outcomes of quantitative measurement, calculation and other functions. Qualitative Reasoning helps come up with software that helps scientists and engineers in their work.

I have grasped well the concept of qualitative representations. I have understood that there exist many qualitative representations, all of which have unique merits and demerits. Qualitative representations avail information to help describe and reason about the aspects of the physical world that are continuous. In qualitative representation, resolution refers to the calibre of information detail in a given representation. Resolution is important in qualitative Reasoning as one of the goals of qualitative Reasoning is to interrogate the importance of every piece of information in drawing meaningful conclusions. Information that is of low resolution is more readily available than precise information (Parsons, 2001). For instance, it is easier to observe that an automobile that is approaching is slowing down or speeding than to derive the automobile’s actual speed. Conclusions that are based on information that is of low resolution are ambiguous.

Ambiguity is useful in qualitative Reasoning. It helps in predicting prospects of the observed phenomenon. Individuals use predictions of the future of the phenomenon to decide how much more information they need to collect and depth to which they need to analyze the phenomenon. These prospects help in deciding the appropriate action based on the options that qualitative Reasoning reveals (Shi, 2011). Information on high resolution helps make certain conclusions, but low-resolution information helps reveal robust conclusions. Qualitative representation presents knowledge that can easily be taken in by people from different walks of life.

Compositionality helps bring together representations for diverse features of an occurrence to come up with a whole representation of the occurrence. This is instrumental in formalizing the process of modelling used in qualitative Reasoning. A significant number of Artificial Intelligence devices articulate information concerning a given object that carries out a few tasks. Engineers and scientists use the knowledge that utilizes laws and principles that can be applied variously in regards to the devices they explain and functions in which they can be used (Davis, 2008).


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