question archive Question 3) Download the world

Question 3) Download the world

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Question 3) Download the world.SQL and run it in MySQL. Now based on this database, write query that


a) the most populated city in each country.

b) the second most populated city in each country.

c) the most populated city in each continent.

d) the most populated country in each continent.

e) the most populated continent.

f) the number of people speaking each language.

g) the most spoken language in each continent.

h) number of languages that they are official language of at least one country.

i) the most spoken official language based on each continent. (the language that has the highest

number of people talking as their mother tongue)

j) the country with the most (number of) unofficial languages based on each continent. (no matter

how many people talking that language)

k) the countries that their capital is not the most populated city in the country.

l) the countries with population smaller than Russia but bigger than Denmark.


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