question archive Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on week 8 658

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on week 8 658

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Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on week 8 658. Questions and Contentions in chapter 5 The main questions that can be asked include the assumptions regarding learningand teaching that NCLB tries to portray, the alternate perception that may confront such assumptions, and the associated act that can accompany the alternate perceptions on learning and teaching. Other questions that may be asked include the results that an education policy may want to achieve (Elmore 6). Schon and Agris suggest that the theory of action is that which is designed to attain a certain result. However, Krueger suggests that the theory of action is a fundamental series of events that starts with the status quo and is meant to end with a desired result. The theory of action makes the implicit and subtle assumptions regarding practices of institutions seem obvious.

The federal government has also participated in the education sector by setting the state details and the systems of accountability. Federalism often insists on the comparative advantage in governmental levels. Federal, state and local governments often sort out their duties on a certain policy area depending on specialty of a particular government level (Elmore 9). The federal government is considered as the main initiator of the bad trend of the existing accountability movement. However, the NCLB is considered as a dangerous strategic error since it puts the federal government in a position where it lacks comparative advantage.


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