question archive Girmma is a marketing manager for an Organization

Girmma is a marketing manager for an Organization

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Girmma is a marketing manager for an Organization. The main accountability of Girmma and his team of two staff are to identify sources of new business and to promote the company in these markets. In 2019, the company introduced a new performance appraisal system using the MBO method. 

Girmma has been performing well under this system; although he has been concerned that the evidence base used by his manager in drawing conclusions about performance has tended to cover the two or three month period before the actual date of appraisal. Earlier evidence of high performance has tended to be overlooked. 

Girmma is uncomfortable about this, but he has not raised this with his manager. Girmma's manager has proposed that, from the 2020 cycle, almost half of Girmma's salary should be linked to the volume of new business that the company gets each year. Girmma has been asked to think this over and prepare a response. 
Leading Questions

1.What advice would you give Girmma regarding the proposal put by his manager,

2.Should he do anything at all about his concerns regarding the way the performance appraisal system is being used by his managerl 

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