question archive Compose a 500 words assignment on personal responsibility and individual accountability

Compose a 500 words assignment on personal responsibility and individual accountability

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Compose a 500 words assignment on personal responsibility and individual accountability. Needs to be plagiarism free! Interview Essay I recognize Alan from college. He earned his degree in Advertising only recently. He is around 26 years old, a couple of years older than me. He went to St. Thomas Aquinas College in Riverdale, West of North County. He was always inclined to make it big creatively and I believe the path that he has chosen for his future is one that will take him there smoothly. He will be a success on the creative tangent of advertising and I believe he knows well what he is capable of.

Alan’s immediate challenges after obtaining the Advertising degree were in securing a good job for his own self. He dropped his resume here and there and finally got a call from a reputed advertising agency in town. He was interviewed a couple of times and finally got recruited at a good salary. He was appointed as the Creative Team Member and thus his responsibility was to understand the creative elements within the campaigns and assist the remaining team members as per the ‘consistency’ theme within those campaigns. (Moses, 2000)

Alan’s strengths were his ability to recognize the difference between the aesthetically sound designs and the ones which could not propagate much variation within the consumerism avenues. He knew what will sell and hence advocated his designs in such a manner that the element of commercialism was depicted in his work. He also remembered designs pretty well and this can also be marked as one of his major strengths. He could differentiate whose work meant a certain theme and which designer was well-equipped to handle a peculiar kind of task.

On the job, Alan learned a great deal about being responsible, getting things done in an effective and efficient way, to liaise with the remaining team members, to manage his own self, gain interdependence and properly align his working regimes with the time slots which were devoted to his individualized as well as team’s works. (Keigher, 1996) Alan taught me that it was all about passion to do something in a particular field and to have a certain belief that a person can actually do it. He taught me that being responsible does come from within, more so if the destination is in sight. Also motivation is a much cherished aspect that one could have for his own betterment.

Alan’s story is somewhat similar to mine. I had been reckless in the past but now I have taken a leaf out of Alan’s book. I have taught myself that it is good to be persistent within a task and dedicate one’s own self whole-heartedly towards a task – as this alone will mean success. The insights that I gained from conversing with him was that I felt motivated from inside. I want to do something for my own betterment and that too with full vigor and positive energy by my side. I felt I could do it and this was indeed what I had needed from day one. From this interview, I believe I can become an even successful student because Alan has self-confidence in his abilities and he knows what he is doing. Perhaps I need to anchor my ship in a proper way and find a specific destination for my own self too.


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