question archive David and John own 37-1/2 acres of land

David and John own 37-1/2 acres of land

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David and John own 37-1/2 acres of land. David owns 3/5 and John owns 2/5 of the land. They decide to section it off into ¾ acre lots to rent out as garden space for people who do not have garden space at their homes. The price for the entire summer for the rent of each lot is $50. Since there is no water supply to water the gardens, David and John have asked their renters if they would like a 100-gallon water tank or a 70-gallon water tank. 60% of the renters chose 100 gallons and 40% chose 70 gallons. David calculated that they would need to fill each tank 2 times and the cost of a gallon of water is $.05.

a. How many lots will available for garden spaces?

b. How much of the rent goes to David? To John?

c. How many 100-gallon tanks were purchased?

d. How many 70-gallon tanks were purchased?

e. How much did they spend on water?

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