question archive Case: Information Management at Homestyles Hotels

Case: Information Management at Homestyles Hotels

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Case: Information Management at Homestyles Hotels.

This case takes a “horizontal” slice through a number of coexistent issues.  As a result, the challenge is “knowing where to start” – just as it is in real organizations – and this requires detective work.

As a precursor to answering the discussion questions found at the end of the case, it is a good idea  for you to articulate the key Business challenges facing Homestyle. For example:

It was impossible for the company to provide a consistent “look and feel” to their services.  List them out. At least six (6)  more can be found.


articulate the key IT challenges facing Homestyle

. For example:

       Each individual hotel operated as its own little fiefdom with its own collection of hardware and software – some state-of-the-art and some outrageously outdated. List them out. At least six (6) more can be found. 

Discussion Questions:

1)Does it make good business sense to integrate across the different lines of business represented by Lifestyle Resorts and Home-Away Hotels? What exactly would you integrate (beyond financial information) and why?

2)Outline a process for Homestyle to follow in order to decide between the two software options (i.e., HC and CR)? What selection criteria would you use? Who should make the decision?

Please follow this rubric for the writing assignment worth 55 points total. Criteria to meet:

 Organization - strive for well developed paragraphs, smooth transitions between paragraphs, ideas focused on a central theme. 

Development - strive for Ideas focused on a central theme, all ideas are clearly presented. Conventions - strive for no errors in sentence structure (capitalization, grammar, presentation and general structure.) APA Style - strive for correct cover page, in text citations, format and reference page have no errors. Please see grading rubric titled "case study" under the Rubric/ Grading Criteria 


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