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I need some assistance with these assignment

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I need some assistance with these assignment. the direction of happiness Thank you in advance for the help! In the following graph, line A and line B refer to the subjective perception of a man's happiness, which can be faulty also.

From a very subjective perspective, each of the modes of happiness, indicated by lines A and B, can be true for particular individuals. But they cannot be considered modes of happiness that are commonly perceived by all or most people since both are the excluded ends of the nature of happiness. Also though Nozich’s proposition about the nature of happiness is true to a great extent, his supposition of the excluded ends of happiness is, to a certain extent, faulty because the line “B” does not truly represent the subjective portions of happiness in its true sense. After all, his proposition about “the more” in the perception of happiness is fundamental in nature because his proposition about the subjective fills on the objective structure of happiness renders a sense of completeness to the nature of happiness.

In the abovementioned graph, lines A and B refer to the same amount of pleasure in opposite directions. While along with line A, happiness increases, it decreases along line B. Now Nozick argues that people will not choose both of them though they are equal. According to Nozick, the fact that people do not choose them equally is the “narrative direction.” Nozick assumes that most people will prefer A to B because the first line infers a positive “narrative direction” about the prospect of happiness. They will decline from B because it infers a negative prospect of happiness. In fact, though Nozich endeavors to assign any objective structure to happiness, both lines A and B are subjective because of this narrative direction. This preference essentially shows that people want that experience or perception of happiness should come upon a person in a certain patterned way. If happiness is the outcome of the pleasures of body and mind, then the way of being pleased is also an important factor.


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