question archive Choose one of the following questions and respond to it

Choose one of the following questions and respond to it

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Choose one of the following questions and respond to it.  Include the question you chose at the beginning of your post.  Posts should adhere to APA style for citations and sources.  Peer responses must be substantive and add to the discussion (responses that just compliment the poster are not acceptable). Primary posts should range from 300-500 words.

1) Choose a firm with which you are familiar in your local business community.  Is the firm successful in following one (or more) generic strategies?  Why or why not?  What do you think are some of the challenges it faces in implementing these strategies in an effective manner?

2) What are some of the largest mergers and acquisitions over the last two years?  What was the rationale for these actions?  Do you think they will be successful?  Explain.

3) The internet has lowered the entry barriers for smaller firms that wish to diversify into international markets.  Why is this so?  Provide an example.

4) Think of an entrepreneurial firm that has been successfully launched in the last 10 years.  What kind of entry strategy did it use - pioneering, imitative, or adaptive?  Since the firm's initial entry, how has it used or combined overall low-cost, differentiation, and/or focus strategies?


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