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question archive Write an article on Synthesis apaer

Write an article on Synthesis apaer

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Write an article on Synthesis apaer. It needs to be at least 1250 words.

According to them, ‘communication is a central phenomenon in organizations and is especially important for management. Certainly, as an activity it occupies a vast majority of a manager’s time, and thus any increase in manager’s effectiveness or skill as a communicator should contribute directly or indirectly to improved organizational performance’ (cited in Hargie, Dickson & Tourish, 1999. p.1). Communication in an organization constitutes two major roles, information flow and maintaining harmonious relations.

In both cases, managers and/or leaders play a major part in their execution. All essentials of driving the right management principles and organizational culture, i.e. leadership, teambuilding, and assertiveness, require, not just good or excellent, but appropriate communication skills.

Communication, as a concept, emphasizes on getting the point across effectively and setting the right expectations with people. Effectiveness of communication is measured by the results or actions in response.

Effective communication does not need to be very complex or use sophisticated language, and should effectively focus on its main aim of informing others. Effective communication is the one which is complete and clear. Business communication happens through various media, verbal, written, electronic etc. Whatever be the medium, effectiveness in the content delivered is what matters the most. Managers’ role in management communication is much beyond ‘delivering information,’ and extends to gaining people’s confidence, convincing them, and displaying and promoting the right behavior and attitude.

Good communication skills entail certain characteristics to be possessed by the managers.


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