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Timekeeper Inc. manufactures clocks on a highly automated assembly line. Its costing system uses two cost? categories, direct materials and conversion costs. Each product must pass through the Assembly Department and the Testing Department. Direct materials are added at the beginning of the production process. Conversion costs are allocated evenly throughout production. Timekeeper Inc. uses? weighted-average costing.

Data for the Assembly Department for June 2017 are?:

Work in? process, beginning inventory

340 units

Direct materials? (100% complete)

Conversion costs? (50% complete)

Units started during June

950 units

Work in? process, ending? inventory:

200 units

Direct materials? (100% complete)

Conversion costs? (75% complete)

Costs for June 2017?:

Work in? process, beginning? inventory:

Direct materials


Conversion costs


Direct materials costs added during June


Conversion costs added during June


What amount of direct materials costs is assigned to the ending? Work-in-Process account for? June? ?(Round intermediary calculations to the nearest whole? dollar.)










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