question archive This DB deals with the old problem of "racism"

This DB deals with the old problem of "racism"

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This DB deals with the old problem of "racism". This is the writing assignment that you are expected to do for this learning unit. You will write a 300 words (or MORE, 500-600 words are recommended) short essay addressing these questions:What did you learn (from a sociological perspective) from the documentary: RACE: The Power Of An Illusion - Episode 1: The Difference Between Us" and  "Racism: What to do?" What are the main questions addressed in the articles "Best of Friends, Worlds Apart" by Mirta Ojito and "Growing Up, Growing Apart" by Tamar Lewin. You need to apply the concepts of race, racism and racial differences to your discussion of the movies and the mentioned article and what you have read in chapter one and two of the class textbook.


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