question archive Write 15 pages with APA style on Environmental Reporting

Write 15 pages with APA style on Environmental Reporting

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Write 15 pages with APA style on Environmental Reporting.

According to Lacy and Coulson (2000, p. 14), environmental journalism entails the presentation of ideas, information, and results regarding the environment. By doing this the journalist aims to inform and educate society on environmental issues (Rademakers 2004, p.2 8). This means that the journalist wields the power to influence society on environmental issues thereby impacting the future significantly. The importance of the environment seems to be an obvious comprehension to all but an assessment of the individual sacrifices and commitments directed to its well-being undermines this assumption (Detjen, et al., 2000, p. 4).

All human beings are connected to the environment both socially and economically and thus an impetus is required to initiate environmental obligation in society. Environmental journalists have the power to initiate this process through objective reporting on issues concerned with the environment (Lacy and Coulson 2000, p. 15). The media has the power to alter people’s thoughts, decisions, and even lifestyles through various tools such as agenda-setting. Considering that everyone has a role to play in improving and sustaining the environment, environmental journalists are mandated to cultivate a global sense of environmental accountability.

Lacy and Coulson (2000, p. 17) suggest that environmental reporting demands an alliance between the journalist and the scientists. This enhances the credibility and validity of environmental news and makes it relevant to the public. Environmental reporting is one of the most important elements in achieving environmental awareness and the inherent practices associated with it (Detjen, et al., 2000, p. 3).Environmental journalism is logically intertwined with the communication of science and risk in context (Rademakers 2004, p. 35). Environmental journalism like all other fields of journalism is mainly involved with information dissemination, and hence it is involved in the gathering and reporting of information related to science and risk in relation to the environment.

This constitutes environmental communication and it reflects traditional features of communication such as criticisms, challenges, and improvements (Detjen, et al., 2000, p. 7).


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