question archive Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the humans cognitive and neurological processes

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the humans cognitive and neurological processes

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the humans cognitive and neurological processes.

Research has since confirmed that play or physical activity has a considerable effect on the development of motor and cognitive abilities in children. However, other factors also determine a child’s cognitive and neurological development apart from play alone. These include the mother’s influence and the environment in which a child is raised. Studies indicate that there is a relationship between breastfeeding and a child’s motor and cognitive development. Since some researchers had postulated that high IQs in children is correlated with breastfeeding, the subsequent researches dug deep into this matter and investigated whether breastfeeding had any influence on a child’s development and whether it led to the observed differences in IQ among children.

This paper examines the connection between cognitive and neurological processes and studies factors that have considerable influence on them.A study conducted by Holme, MacArthur, & Lancashire (2010) to examine the influence of breastfeeding on the cognitive development of children, came up with some interesting findings. Though the study confirmed that breastfeeding does influence the IQ of a child to some extent, it also acknowledged some of the ways through which a parent may influence a child’s cognitive development.

As discussed by Holme et al., (2010), breastfeeding is always associated with cognitive development but sometimes it is also wise to consider other genetic and environmental factors that also do play a significant role in determining IQ. This particular study found out that breastfeeding actually led to higher IQ scores in children, but it was found out that this was not the case after certain adjustments were made in the variables. The duration of breastfeeding proved to be an important factor to be considered in this study since it also had a significant influence on a child’s cognitive development.

Mothers who have high education achievements are likely to have a positive influence on a child’s cognitive powers since these mothers are likely to breastfeed their children for an extended duration.


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