question archive Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses double glazed windows

Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses double glazed windows

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Create a 11 pages page paper that discusses double glazed windows.

The result is that buildings are fitted with high-quality systems that ensure efficiency and sustainability in the long term leading to the green building concept that has lately received much attention from consumers, developers, and policymakers. Window glazing is one of the approaches to attain sustainability in built environments and especially in homes. Windows are essential as they allow lighting and fresh air in addition to facilitating a connection between the interior and outdoor environments.

All the same, during summers, windows may lead to accumulation of heat in buildings, which increases room temperatures, or which may lead to heat loss in winters. Loss of heat during winters would require the use of grid power, which increases costs and environmental pollution. As such, there is a need to develop energy-efficient windows that facilitate comfort, reduce energy costs while still facilitating a cleaner and healthier environment around homes. Research has indicated that windows may lead to a loss of about 40% of heating energy during writers and a heat gain of about 87% during summers (Lyons & Hockings, 2013).

Therefore, there is a need to enhance windows’ thermal performance in buildings to reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases emitted by conventional energy forms besides having the windows perform their required roles in the best way possible. One of the versatile ways to ensure and improve the thermal performance of windows is through double glazing of windows.Glass is a product of silica, a component of sand among other components. Normal glass is applied in a variety of uses, which may include the making of doors, windows, bottles, vision glass among other uses.

When such glass is used for windows or doors, the thermal efficiency of the glass is not optimum as temperatures may rise or fall concerning the external weather conditions. Double glazing is a concept used to correct this inefficiency by ensuring glass windows perform efficiently.&nbsp.


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