question archive DELEGATING TASKS MEMO 1 DELEGATING TASKS MEMO 2 H C M : 5 0 1 –3 0 4 1 8 S E U Principles of Healthcare Administration Delegating Tasks Memo Module 03: Critical Thinking 100 PTS 200000796 Abdulazeez Abdullah M Albaradei Memorandum

DELEGATING TASKS MEMO 1 DELEGATING TASKS MEMO 2 H C M : 5 0 1 –3 0 4 1 8 S E U Principles of Healthcare Administration Delegating Tasks Memo Module 03: Critical Thinking 100 PTS 200000796 Abdulazeez Abdullah M Albaradei Memorandum

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H C M : 5 0 1 –3 0 4 1 8


Principles of Healthcare Administration

Delegating Tasks Memo

Module 03: Critical Thinking

100 PTS


Abdulazeez Abdullah M Albaradei


TO: Healthdyne Staff.

FROM: Mr. Brice, CEO of Helthdyne.

DATE: June 22, 2021

SUBJECT: Changes in the organization.

The organizational structure, via at least two networks, influence the moves of organizations. First, a shape can affect overall performance metrics inside the organization, such as profitability or velocity in imposing innovations that enhance productivity. These performance traits, in turn, have an effect on movements either because they conflict with administration strategies and estimates or because aggressive choice forces behave in another way on businesses based totally on their performance. Second, the company's structure may provide advice on the humans or purposeful units that the organization includes. (DeCanio,2020).

The organization will go underneath specific changes that It's fundamental for the wants of the organization.

in reason to enhance the effectiveness of work and the business enterprise results growing groups to expand the productivity and fine of work and enhance professional work, sharing knowledge, capabilities , additionally to expanded commitment. In the benefits of discovering new possibilities to the corporation Implementing Authorization, it grew to be particularly important to be in this business enterprise to achieves many dreams in less time.

Furthermore, more essential points will be listed down in this memo.

Teams and Delegating tasks

Delegating the tasks and improve teamwork are very wished in this organization.

As delegating tasks will help in :

- Achieves the organization's higher return with little expense.

- Saves time at all ranges of management.

- Speed in the overall performance of administrative work

- Flexibility in management, adoption of a variety of circumstances.

- Preparing future leaders to inspire workers to critically reason.

- Enables employee-building opportunities and alternate leadership and organizational management skills. (Al-Jammal, H. R., 2015).

When crew individuals count number on one every other to attain The work completed, crew morale and effectiveness have a tendency to be high. The participants depend on one another. Also, make bigger confide in one another. Together, Participants operate higher than individuals. When team individuals execute Better as a crew than alone, collective performance is more significant than man or woman performance. (Olden, P. 2019)

Teams and processes of teamwork are pretty important, for some motives :

- Enable the employees to share competencies, knowledge.

- Improve issues solving and decision making.

- Expand the thoughts and making plans.

- Growing of work and try new rules. (Olden, P. 2019)


In order to gain the best output and to reap basic organization goals, agency structure should be change. The organizational structure describes formal members of the family and organizational reporting and indicates the number of degrees in the hierarchy, and determines the diploma of managers' power. The organizational structure describes the role of persons in a unit as operating in a crew and separates the units in the organization. (Ahmady, G, 2016)

A divisional shape of separate functional constructions that file to a central core is a multidivisional structure. The management of everyday operations is responsible for each purposeful structure. The central group of workers is responsible for monitoring and keeping the relationship between agencies and the community and policy. Divisional structure, which will help in quicker choice making , and limit the centralization, Also to reveal the surroundings and expand the customer satisfaction. In this shape, we will have an exceptional vice president to each department connected to the president immediately. The reporting relationship will be vertically in this structure. (Ahmady, G, 2016)

Vice Presidents serve as the team coaches and trainers for the Directors assigned to their areas. The Vice-Presidents should act as group coaches, get to know contributors of their team, and comprehend Why they want to be engaged, and pay attention to their suggestions. Vice Presidents ought go-to songs and evaluation their programming on an ongoing basis, and make adjustments as appropriate. It collaborates with other companions Executive Team (Chairman, different vice-chairmen, And the Chairman of the Board) to make sure that it is sufficient. There are sources available, such as workers, funds, and time, to execute scheduled tasks and accomplish predetermined objectives. The Vice Presidents are at the cost of the administration of the workflows in their respective regions. As the layout is completed, the roles of the assignment should be break up among the Managers. Vice Presidents must continue to be in close contact with every other, Assisting the administrators with their recruitment, And Chair coaching each time needed. (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Vice-Presidents need to keep and beautify the Contact traces in the section with:

• External corporations / individuals.

• Other Vice Presidents

• Director. (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Individual Development VP

Suggested location of accountability for opportunities: Life Improvement, Chapter Management (Training and Correspondence for officers and members), Member Services (orientation and triggering). (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Community VP:

area of duties Community work, fundraising by means of the Community, Political participation, State and Junior National Chamber participation, Recruitment of membership. (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Management VP:

area of duties Management (planning and assessment) Financial management, activities, and public Relationships. (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Business VP:

Company Chances, Leadership Growth. (The book: Chapter officers,2017)

Marketing VP:

Sales administration of the direct sales channels, sales planning, manage human beings and align man or woman and team goals with corporate goals

Human recourses VP:

HR Ensuring the HR group meets key KPIs, normal HR operations, such as administrations, recruitments, personnel interviews, and evaluations.

Reporting and conversation will be in vertical lines as company new chart; hence, every VP will be reporting to the line above, every director will file to the VP, CEO will record to VP.

A new Organization chart will be bought to Explain the reporting relationships and chains of command within the group. Each division features notably autonomously. Top managers as VP Responsible for the organization's well-being and results. They set desires or performance targets to guide all the activities that have to be carried out if the organization is to accomplish its purpose.

(Skripak, S. J. 2016).


Decentralization capability dispersal of authority among the lower stages of the administrative system. (Marume, S. B,2016).

Decentralization mechanism can be reinforced by the reality that decentralization provides a countervailing strength to central decision-making, thereby creating a manipulate and stable situation that reduces the possibility of uninformed and impractical central-level policies. Performance advantages can also be provided by way of decentralization insurance policies to lower the probability of bottlenecks at the central level, accordingly growing the overall machine throughput power. Decentralization, as described above, can be related to enhancing output performance by way of improving each enter and throughput performance. (Saltman, R, 2006).

The organizational performance is more robust via putting off delays and helping quicker Operation. It decreases the workload of the headquarters and thereby permits the best levels to the center of attention on critical issues—problems such as the components of legislation, the analysis of the principal difficulties. Minimizing paperwork at both higher and lower levels relieves the point of contact fatigue in the company. Experiments in decision-making and execution utilizing multiple devices make it possible without involving the complete employer in an unproven direction of action. (Marume, S. B,2016).

In different hand, we are taking some risk in decentralization As some disadvantages :

- the hazard of sub-optimality as decentralized businesses concentrate on their very own consequences rather than the business enterprise as a whole.

- lack of geared-up steering impulses.

- inadequate diversity of practices and standards, especially in personnel management.

- decreased comparability and predictability at the device level. (Marume, S. B,2016).


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